(Tokyo Olympics) General news: Chinese Flyers enter the finals for the first time, the Chinese Legion collects three more golds

  China News Agency, Tokyo, August 1st (Reporter Wang Zumin) On the ninth day of the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese Army achieved a "good start" in the second half, not only won 3 gold medals, but also achieved a major breakthrough in the track and field arena.

  As of the end of the war on August 1, the Chinese team continued to lead with 24 gold medals. The Japanese team (17), which had no money on the day, fell to third in the gold medal list, and the US team (20) rose to second.

Australia (14), Russia (12), the United Kingdom (10), France (5), and South Korea (5) ranked 4th-8th.

On the evening of August 1, Beijing time, in the men's 100m final of the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese athlete Su Bingtian finished sixth with a time of 9.98 seconds. As the first Chinese to enter the men's 100m final of the Olympics, he once again made history.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

Su Bingtian wins the sixth shot put by Gong Lijiao in the 100 meters

  In the track and field on the 1st, the Chinese team achieved two breakthroughs.

  After becoming the first yellow racer to break the 10-second mark 5 years ago, Chinese flying man Su Bingtian made history again at the Tokyo Olympics that night, becoming the first Asian to enter the men's 100m final of the Olympics, and won with a score of 9.98 seconds. Sixth place.

  In the men's 100-meter semifinal that took the lead that day, Su Bingtian set an Asian record with 9.83 seconds, setting his personal best.

On August 1, local time, in the women's shot put final of the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese star Gong Lijiao successfully won the championship with a personal best of 20 meters and 58 meters.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  In the previous women’s shot put finals, the four-time Olympic veteran and two-time World Championship champion Gong Lijiao won the championship with 20 meters 58. This is her personal first Olympic gold medal and the first gold of the Chinese track and field team in this Olympics. It was also China's zero breakthrough in Olympic gold medals in field competitions.

  It is worth mentioning that Gong Lijiao made 5 effective shots in the final, with a worst score of 19.80 meters, which also exceeded the 19.79 meters of the silver medalist and the American player.

This also means that Gong Lijiao can win a gold medal in any of his shots in the finals, and his absolute strength is undoubtedly demonstrated.

At the Tokyo Olympic Games women's singles 3-meter springboard diving award ceremony, the Chinese team swept the gold and silver medals.

The picture shows the gold medalist Shi Tingmao (left) and Wang Han (right) holding the national flag.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

Springboard diving for nine consecutive championships, Guoyu won the second gold

  If the breakthrough in the track and field stadium is "sweet charcoal in the snow" for the Chinese team, the gold medal that the Chinese team won in the diving competition that day was the icing on the cake-Shi Tingmao and Wang Han, who won the championship in the women's double springboard event, took the single event. Gold and silver medals, for China's diving in the event to achieve nine consecutive Olympic championships.

  In the 9 Olympics from the 1988 Seoul Olympics to the present, the Chinese team has won all the gold medals in this event.

China's three "diving queens" Gao Min, Fu Mingxia and Guo Jingjing are all named after the women's three-meter springboard.

  Shi Tingmao has also become another runner after Guo Jingjing who has won 4 gold medals in women's springboard doubles and singles in the two Olympics.

  The badminton women's singles final is a true peak duel.

World No. 2 Chinese player Chen Yufei challenged the world No. 1 and Chinese Taipei star Dai Ziying.

On August 1, Beijing time, in the women's singles final of the Tokyo Olympics badminton, Chinese player Chen Yufei defeated Chinese Taipei player Dai Ziying 2:1 with a total score of 21:18, 19:21, 21:18 and won the gold medal.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  This close match was also inextricably played. In the end, the 23-year-old Chen Yufei won her first Olympic gold medal by 2:1, which is also the second gold of the Chinese badminton team in this Olympics.

  In the bronze medal battle, Chinese player He Bingjiao lost 0-2 to Indian player Sindu and missed the medal.

  In a badminton men's singles semi-final that day, defending champion Chen Long defeated Indonesian player Jin Ting 2-0. On the 2nd, he will compete with Danish star Ansailong for the men's singles gold medal.

  Table tennis starts the men's and women's team 1/8 finals.

The veteran Liu Shiwen, who has just won the silver medal in mixed doubles, withdrew from the women's team competition due to a relapse of an elbow injury. Wang Manyu, who holds a P card, replaced Liu Shiwen. The Chinese team swept the Austrian team 3:0 and easily advanced to the top 8 women's team.

  The men's team also defeated Egypt 3-0 to advance to the quarter-finals.

Swimming finals, Chinese team's single event kicks off, gymnastics team hard to see gold

  Although the Chinese swimming army failed to win a medal on the final day of the swimming competition, they had already submitted an excellent answer at the Tokyo Olympics.

  The Tokyo Olympics is the least time the Chinese swimming team has sent contestants in the past 17 years. However, it has won 3 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze, ranking fourth on the swimming medal list. It is the third best result in all previous Olympics, and the number of gold medals is a record. The most ever.

On August 1, local time, the Tokyo Olympic swimming competition was all over. Zhang Yufei showed off his four medals in the swimming pool and took photos as a souvenir.

In this Olympics, Zhang Yufei swam 12 shots and harvested 2 golds and 2 silvers. He is a well-deserved "model worker".

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  Among them, Zhang Yufei won 2 golds and 2 silvers, making him the player with the most medals of the Chinese Legion in this Olympics.

Of the three gold medal events, two (women's 4×200m freestyle relay and men's 200m individual medley) achieved historical breakthroughs.

  In the gymnastics finals that night, Chinese player Xiao Ruoteng won the bronze medal in men's floor exercise with 14.766 points, which was his third medal in this Olympics.

  In the women's uneven bars finals, the highly anticipated two-time World Championship champion Fan Yilin made a mistake when landing and finished seventh, and another Chinese teenager Lu Yufei ranked fourth.

Sun Wei also made mistakes in the men's pommel horse finals and finished eighth.

  There are still six individual finals left in this Olympic gymnastics competition. If the Chinese gymnastics team does not repeat the mistake of no gold in the Rio Olympics, they still need to seize the opportunity of the last two days of competition.