Badminton doubles, who were rivals and colleagues who ate in one pot, eventually met on a single wooden bridge.

Badminton women's doubles Lee So-hee and Shin Seung-chan (Incheon International Airport) and Kim So-young (Incheon International Airport)-Gong Hee-yong (Jeonbuk Bank) will face off for the bronze medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The bronze medal match at the Tokyo Olympics will be held on the 2nd at Musashinonomori Sports Plaza in Tokyo, Japan.

If they win, they will become Olympic medalists that any athlete dreams of, and if they lose, they finish in 4th place.

Kim So-young said, "If we had competed for gold and silver medals in the final, we would have been more comfortable and we would have fun playing each other, but it's too bad we met in the bronze medal match."

If they had met in the gold medal match, the medals would have different colors, but it could have been a happy ending for all of them to wear medals around their necks.

Although they are colleagues who support each other, they are forced to overcome each other in a brutal situation.

Lee So-hee and Shin Seung-chan, Kim So-young and Gong Hee-yong all long for medals.

Everyone came to the Tokyo Olympics with the determination that 'this could be the last time'.

Gong Hee-yong, the youngest, also said, "I think this is the last time for So-young.

Sohee Lee came to the Tokyo Olympics with the determination, "I don't know if I'll go to the Olympics next time, so I think this is the last time and I want to do it without regrets as much as possible."

Shin Seung-chan won the women's doubles bronze medal along with Jeong Kyeong-eun (Gimcheon City Hall) at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

But in this Olympics, I have a dream of collaborating with my best friend, Sohee Lee, for a medal.

Shin Seung-chan said, "In a way, I can be seen as a person who has achieved a dream. But I do not think I have achieved it yet.

Lee So-hee and Shin Seung-chan are best friends of the same age who have been working as junior national team members since their freshman year of middle school.

Kim So-young and Gong Hee-yong also formed a full-fledged doubles team from January 2019.

They read each other's hearts just by looking at each other's eyes on the court.

Lee So-hee and Shin Seung-chan and Kim So-young and Gong Hee-yong are in a good relationship and support each other while competing in good faith.

Shin Seung-chan said about Kim So-young and Gong Hee-yong, "We are enemies, but we are on the same team," and "We are preparing hard by helping each other."

In the world ranking, Sohee Lee and Seungchan Shin are 4th, and Soyoung Kim and Heeyong Gong are 5th.

As for the opponent record, Lee So-hee and Shin Seung-chan lead Kim So-young and Gong Hee-yong with 4 wins and 2 losses.

At the international competition held in Thailand last January, they met twice in the finals and recorded 1 win and 1 loss.

At the Toyota Thailand Open, So-Young Kim and Hee-Yong Gong took the gold medal and So-Hee Lee and Seung-Chan Lee took the silver medal.