As the infection of the new coronavirus spreads, some volunteer doctors who were planning to work at the Tokyo Olympic Games venue are considering declining because the response of patients in the medical field is tight. I am.

Dr. Takechi Otomo, Deputy Director of Heisei Tateishi Hospital in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, was scheduled to volunteer at the competition venue in Koto-ku, Tokyo on the 4th to help the people involved in the competition.

However, as the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is increasing rapidly, the hospital where I work is busy with treatment of patients every day.

Dr. Otomo is considering declining activities at the Olympic venue.

Dr. Otomo said, "I was looking forward to the event as one of the supporters of athletes and wanted to cooperate as a medical volunteer. However, what I have to do as a doctor is emergency medical care and vaccination in front of me. There is a risk that the site will be burdened if you leave the hospital. "

The Organizing Committee of the Games states that if a volunteer doctor declines, "it is difficult to secure additional personnel, so we will operate it appropriately among the current medical staff."