Max Verstappen was very disappointed on Sunday after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The Dutchman was involved in a starting crash and drove the remainder of the race with a badly damaged car.

Partly because of this, he did not get further than tenth place.

"In the end I just get knocked off again by a Mercedes car," Verstappen

told Ziggo Sport


"Although not directly, but of course it is Bottas' fault. That is why I am also taken."

Valtteri Bottas braked in the first corner and rammed into Lando Norris's car.

He in turn crashed into Verstappen's car.

Because the race was stopped, the Red Bull Racing mechanics had some time to repair Verstappen's car, but most of the damage could not be repaired.

Max Verstappen drove a lost race in Hungary after the opening lap.

Max Verstappen drove a lost race in Hungary after the opening lap.

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Verstappen dropped out two weeks ago after crashing with Hamilton

Two weeks ago, Verstappen also dropped out at the Grand Prix of Great Britain after an incident with a Mercedes driver.

Lewis Hamilton then knocked the fifteen-time Grand Prix winner off the track on the opening lap.

"It was impossible to do after that, I had so much damage," Verstappen continued.

"All I had was understeer and oversteer. I always try to make the best of it, but this was really difficult."

Verstappen lost the World Cup lead to Hamilton, who finished third, due to his tenth place.

The Mercedes driver now has six points more than the Limburger.

The Hungarian Grand Prix was surprisingly won by Esteban Ocon.

The Formula 1 season will continue on August 29 with the Belgian Grand Prix.

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