At the Tokyo Olympics, the Japan national football team will face New Zealand in the quarterfinals, aiming to advance to the semifinals for the first time in two tournaments.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the match.

Japan, which is often called the strongest in the past, defeated France 4-0 in the 3rd round of the qualifying league, and was the only participating team to pass the qualifying league with all 3 wins.

In the match on the 31st, Hiroki Sakai on the right side back was suspended due to a cumulative warning, so Daiki Hashioka will be the first starter of this tournament.

In the offensive team, attention will be focused on Takefusa Kubo, who has scored three consecutive goals.

On the other hand, New Zealand passed the qualifying in 2nd place in the group with 1 win, 1 loss and 1 draw.

Chris Wood, a 1-meter-91-centimeter tall forward who scored two goals in three qualifying league games, is the center of the attack, and is characterized by a counter attack from a solid defense.

Hashioka is the starting lineup in place of Sakai, who has been suspended from the Japanese starting lineup.


Kosei Tani


Maya Yoshida (Captain) / Reo Hatate / Takehiro Tomiyasu / Daiki Hashioka


Wataru Endo / Takefusa Kubo / Ritsu Doan / Yuki Soma / Ao Tanaka


Daichi Hayashi

New Zealand forward Chris Wood is the center of the attack


Michael Udo


Winston Reid (Captain) / Liberato Kakache / Nando Pineker / Callan Elliot


Clayton Lewis / Joe Bell / Giani Stenzness


Chris Wood / Ben


Wayne / Matthew Garbet

Chris Wood, a 1 meter 91 cm tall player who has scored two goals in three qualifying league games, is the center of the attack.

Quarterfinals and other cards

Other quarter-final matches.

▼ Spain vs. Cote d'Ivoire (5 pm-Miyagi Stadium)

▼ Brazil vs. Egypt (7 pm-Saitama Stadium)

▼ Korea vs. Mexico (8 pm-Yokohama International Stadium) If

Japan wins, Spain vs. Cote d'Ivoire in the semifinals Play against the winner of.