On the 30th, pitcher Hirokazu Sawamura of the Red Sox, a major league baseball player who was on the list of injured due to inflammation of his right arm, returned to the Rays game and pitched one inning to score no goals.

Pitcher Sawamura, who was on the list of injured for 10 days, pitched relief with the third person in the 7th inning, leading 3 to 7 in the Rays match in St. Petersburg, Florida, since 19th of this month. It became the mound of.

After giving a walk to the first 3rd batter, the 4th batter hit a two-base hit in the middle right, but the runner aiming for the home became a touchout.

After that, I gave him a walk, but he managed to strike out with a second strikeout and survived without any runs.

The Red Sox lost 3-7 in the match.

Reds player Shogo Akiyama started in the 8th center against Mets in his opponent's hometown of New York.

The first at-bat in the second inning was a second baseman with two outs and first base.

The second at bat was a strikeout, the third at bat was a short ground ball, and the fourth at bat in the 9th inning was a pinch hitter.

In this game, there were no hits in 3 at bats, and the batting average was 10% 9 minutes.

The Reds won the match 6-2, making it the fourth straight win.