(Tokyo Olympics) Lv Xiaojun wins gold again, Chinese Hercules wins the gold medal at the competition level

  China News Service, Tokyo, July 31 (Bian Liqun) In the 81-kilogram Olympic men's lift held on the 31st, Chinese athlete Lu Xiaojun snatched 170 kilograms, cleaned and cleaned 204 kilograms, and won the championship with a total score of 374 kilograms.

The Chinese weightlifting team swept the men's gold medals in 4 participating levels.

On July 31, in the men's 81 kg weightlifting final of the Tokyo Olympics, 37-year-old Chinese athlete Lu Xiaojun won the championship with 170 kg snatch, 204 kg clean and jerk, and a total score of 374 kg. The snatch, clean and jerk, and total scores all broke the Olympic Games. Record.

This is the 21st gold medal of the Chinese delegation in this Olympic Games.

  This Tokyo Olympics is the third of Lv Xiaojun's career. In the London Olympics, Lv Xiaojun won the men's lift of the 77 kg class.

Due to weight disadvantage in the Rio Olympics, Lu Xiaojun finished second.

At present, the men's 81kg class clean and jerk and the world record for overall results belong to Lu Xiaojun, which are 207kg and 378kg respectively.

  In this campaign, Lu Xiaojun’s biggest opponent is Italian rookie Pizuolatu. He lifted 206 kilograms of clean and jerk at this year’s European Championships, which is only 1 kilogram away from the world record held by Lu Xiaojun.

  In the snatch session, Lv Xiaojun failed in his first attempt to lift 165 kg, succeeded in his second attempt at 165 kg, and succeeded in his third attempt at 170 kg.

The opponent Pizolatu failed in the first attempt to lift 165 kg, the second attempt to lift 165 kg succeeded, and the third attempt to lift 168 kg failed.

Lv Xiaojun leads the second place Pizoolatu by 5 kilograms.

  In the clean and jerk, Lv Xiaojun succeeded in lifting 197 kg and 204 kg. Pizolatu succeeded in lifting 200 kg in his first attempt, failed in his second attempt at 203 kg, and failed in his third attempt at 210 kg. Lv Xiaojun succeeded in winning the championship.

  After winning the championship, Lu Xiaojun was very calm, and he admitted that he had some regrets.

"I'm still waiting for the 2016 Rio Olympic champion, waiting for the IOC's penalty decision."

  At the Rio Olympics five years ago, Lu Xiaojun was placed in runner-up due to his weight disadvantage.

However, Kazakh player Rahimov, who won the championship at the time, was recently found to be suspected of doping violations.

If the opponent is eventually deprived of the gold medal, Lu Xiaojun can achieve three consecutive Olympic championships.

  Speaking of the 37-year-old still insisting on lifting weights, Lu Xiaojun said that he loves from the heart and feels that he cannot do without weightlifting.

"I really like the feeling of fighting on the court. Fans all over the world call me a military god. I want to prove that you are right."

  Regarding all four contestants winning gold, the coach of the men’s team, Yu Jie, said: “Each team member is very good. They have demonstrated their spirit of daring to fight, winning glory for the country and their training level. I am very happy that they all won the championship. Give them 99 points and deduct one point for fear of their pride." (End)