(Tokyo Olympics) Chinese women's volleyball team is determined to miss the quarterfinals

  China News Service, Tokyo, July 31. With the Turkish women's volleyball team defeating Argentina 3-0 in the match on the 31st local time, the Chinese women's volleyball team has been determined to be eliminated from the group and missed to qualify for the top eight of the Tokyo Olympics, setting a record since 1984. The worst record since the Olympics.

Data map: On July 29, the Chinese team players cheered for each other.

On the same day, in the Tokyo Olympic women's volleyball group stage, the Chinese team lost 2 to 3 against the Russian athletes.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

  A total of 12 teams participated in the Tokyo Olympic Games women's volleyball event.

According to the rules, the 12 teams are divided into two groups. After a single round-robin match within the group, the top four teams in each group qualify.

  Up to now, the Chinese women's volleyball team with 1 point has two more matches, against Italy and Argentina respectively.

In the same group, Italy scored 9 points in all three wins, and the United States and the Russian Olympic Committee team each scored 8 points. The above three teams have been determined to advance.

  After Turkey defeated Argentina 3-0, the points rose to 7 points.

Even if the Chinese women's volleyball team has won 7 points in the last two games, the ratio of the win and loss and the relationship between the win and loss are at a disadvantage, so it has been determined to be out of the group.

  As the representative of China's "Three Big Balls", the Chinese women's volleyball team won the Olympic Games three times.

In Rio five years ago, coach Lang Ping led his team to win the Olympic championship again after 12 years.

  At the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese women's volleyball team played as the defending champion.

In the lineup, Zhu Ting (captain), Yuan Xinyue, Gong Xiangyu, Zhang Changning, Liu Xiaotong, Ding Xia and Yan Ni are all members of the Rio Olympic champion team.

  However, in this competition, the Chinese women's volleyball team performed poorly.

In the first match with Turkey, the Chinese women's volleyball team lost 0:3 and missed the start.

After the game, Lang Ping said that the main reason for the team's failure was in itself, "the offense and blocking were not played out, it is difficult to score points." She also revealed that Zhu Ting suffered a serious wrist injury and was not able to do it well.

  In the second match with the US team, the Chinese women's volleyball team lost to their opponents with the same score of 0:3.

This is the team's worst start in the Olympics since the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and the promotion situation is precarious.

  In the third match on the 29th, the Chinese women's volleyball team had a big score of 2:1 and a lead of 20:14 in the fourth round. The team was finally reversed by the Russian Olympic Committee and suffered a three-game losing streak.

After the battle, the qualifying situation of the Chinese women's volleyball team is only theoretically possible.

With the Turkish team's victory over Argentina, this theory may no longer exist.

  Although the results were not satisfactory, Lang Ping said earlier that winning or losing is commonplace in the military. If you can't win, you will hold your head high, and you will lose your head if you lose. "Everyone worked very hard. We played a sporting spirit, so we must hold our heads up when we lose." (End)