Biles came to Japan as one of the biggest stars in the Olympics, but the competitions have become a nightmare for the 24-year-old.

Earlier, she broke the team competition and later resigned to the all-around final.

The star has referred to the fact that she is mentally ill.

- It did not feel like I had much fun.

I wanted to take part in these Olympics for my own sake.

I came in and felt that I was still doing it for others.

It hurts my heart that the feeling of doing what I love has been taken away a bit to make other people happy, Biles said.

Adlerteg can get a place in the final

Biles has been praised around the world for his openness about a topic that few elite athletes want to talk about.

Frenchwoman Mélanie de Jesus Dos Santos gets Biles' place in the final in conifers.

Swedish gymnast Jonna Adlerteg may have a chance at a place in the same final if another finalist who is not Russian drops out.

The United States Gymnastics Federation says in a statement that it is not clear if Biles will compete in the finals in freestyle and boom later during the Olympics.