The women's volleyball match between Korea and Japan, which went up to the 5th set deuce, was a great match again. It was even more perfect drama because the winner was our national team. It was also the moment when they secured their place in the quarterfinals for the third time in a row while running for three consecutive wins.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.


Korea, which is ranked 14th in the world, has reversed the evaluation of being objectively inferior to Japan, which is ranked 5th in the world.

With an average height of 5 cm, he defended the Japanese attack one after another and won the first set.

However, the resistance of the home team, Japan, was not formidable.

Ace Ko, who missed the last two games with an ankle injury, could not stop Sarina and gave up two sets.

In the third set, the solver Yeon-Kyung Kim flew.

In a situation behind 21-20, Kim Yeon-kyung made a comeback by drawing 3 points in a row while using the opponent's blocking after the paint attack aimed at the opponent's empty space.

In the 4th set, Japan gave up the initiative again and the full-set battle was held, and in the 5th set, Kim Yeon-kyung, who recorded the best 30 points for both teams, as well as Park Jung-ah, who made a deuce with 14 to 12 behind 2 points and solved the final score. After a close match, they defeated Japan with a set score of 3-2 and confirmed their progress to the quarterfinals.

It is the third consecutive quarter-final since the London Olympics.

The day after (2nd), the South Korean women's volleyball team, with their final match against Serbia, advanced to the quarter-finals and aim for the best performance since the bronze medal in Montreal in 1976.

(Video coverage: Hojun Choi, video editing: Yang Won)