On July 30, the client of Chinanews.com reported on forward somersaults, back somersaults, and side somersaults. After a series of actions, they landed steadily on the Internet.

  Zhu Xueying, who performed the whole set of movements perfectly, successfully won the women's trampoline championship in the Tokyo Olympics with 56.635 points.

  Zhu Xueying started to practice trampoline at the age of 10 and entered the national team at the age of 15.

During the Tokyo Olympics cycle, Zhu Xueying has grown rapidly. With her outstanding performance in the five-stop selection competition in China, she has won the opportunity to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. This is also her first time on the Olympic stadium.

  What many people don't know is that Zhu Xueying almost chose to abandon sports and return to school because of her defeat in the World Championships.

  But she still couldn't let go of her beloved sports career, and finally successfully qualified for the Olympic Games and stood on the highest podium.

  Zhu Xueying once said: "My immediate goal now is to add a five-ring (Olympic champion) first, and then the stars (world champion) at the back can slowly pursue it."

  Today, starting with the Olympic gold medal, Zhu Xueying will also be on the path of "a new generation of female trampoline king".