The summer national high school baseball Toyama tournament was held on the 30th, and Takaoka Commercial won the Takaoka Daiichi High School 11-4, and after last year's cancellation, it was the 21st summer Koshien participation in 4 consecutive tournaments. I decided.

The final of the Toyama tournament was a match between Takaoka Commercial and Takaoka Daiichi.

In the match, Takaoka Commercial took the lead with 3 points in the first inning, and in the 2nd inning, No. 2 Honda Atsuto hit the timely three-base and took the lead of 6 points by the 3rd inning.

Pitcher Tsuneki Kawabuchi of Ace kept the runners up to 6th inning, but in the 7th inning, he was hit with a walk and was hit to bases loaded with one out. This time, 4 points were returned, such as hitting a timely two base.

At this point, Takaoka Commercial replaced the pitcher with Shinya Horiuchi, who was the first pitcher, and cut off the trail to protect the lead.

After this, Takaoka Commercial added 5 points and beat Takaoka Daiichi 11-4, deciding to participate in the 21st summer Koshien for 4 consecutive tournaments, with the canceled last year's tournament in between.

Director Makoto Yoshida of Takaoka Commercial said, "Last year was a summer without Koshien, and the third graders at that time had a hard time. Today, the players fought with the thoughts of their seniors on their backs, so I am impressed. I want to fight as a representative, "he said.