The fallen king!

Teddy Riner was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Olympics in the +100 kg category to everyone's surprise.

The disappointment is immense for the French.

He was beaten by Russian Tamerlan Bashaev in the golden score on a completely innocuous attack.

Until then, Teddy Riner hadn't shown much but he was totally in control of his fight.

His opponent hadn't even placed an attack.

The boss of international judo will not achieve the Olympic treble in Tokyo.

🥋☹️❌ It's over for Teddy Riner!

Beaten by the golden score, on a waza-ari, by the Russian world number one Tamerlan Bashaev, he will compete in the repechage to win the bronze # Tokyo2020 #Olympic

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- France tv sport (@francetvsport) July 30, 2021

Bronze still possible

There is still a chance to come away with a medal.

Riner will now go through the draft in the morning to try to get a bronze medal.

Little consolation.

He will face the Brazilian Rafael Silva.

If he wins, he will play a fight for the bronze medal against one of the losers of the semi-finals.


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