"Broiled prawns in oil", "hot pot", "seafood stewed cabbage"...

In this Olympics,

Several Olympic champions took turns to "order dishes",

People can't help but sigh,

The Olympic champion, who thought he was extremely self-disciplined, turned out to be a foodie.

Yang Qian-I want to eat the braised prawns made by mother


The 21-year-old Chinese shooter Yang Qian won the first gold in this Tokyo Olympics.

After the game,

When I learned that my mother asked her "what do you want to eat the most",

She said: As long as my mother makes it, I will like to eat it.

She also ordered dishes from time to time:

I want to eat braised prawns in oil!

And Yang Qian’s mother happily responded in the interview:

"Boiled prawns with enough oil!"

Chen Lijun-I want to have a hot pot

After 5 years,

Weightlifter Chen Lijun finally realized his dream of Tokyo,

Won the gold medal in the men's 67 kg class.

After the game, Chen Lijun was extremely excited,

He said frankly after the game:

Retire from Rio injury,

Five years later, he will stand again in the Tokyo Olympics arena,

I finally achieved my goal of being on the highest podium.

Finally, don’t forget to say:

I control my diet all year round,

Now I really want to return to my motherland,

Have a great hot pot!

Data map: The picture shows Chen Lijun taking off his mask at the award ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

Cui Xiaotong-I want to eat home stewed cabbage with seafood

In the women’s quadruple scull final at the Tokyo Olympics on the 28th,

The Chinese combination Chen Yunxia/Zhang Ling/Lv Yang/Cui Xiaotong won the gold medal,

And created a new world best result.

After the game,

Liaoning girl Cui Xiaotong shared joy with her family through video calls,

When asked by reporters what kind of food my mother cooks,

She said "seafood stewed cabbage."

Cui Xiaotong’s father said proudly,

A pig has been prepared,

To kill the pig to celebrate for the daughter and the villagers.

On July 28, local time, in the women’s quadruple scull final of the Tokyo Olympics rowing event, the Chinese team composed of Cui Xiaotong, Lu Yang, Zhang Ling, and Chen Yunxia crossed the finish line in 6 minutes and 05.13 seconds and won the gold. At the same time refresh the world's best results.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan


Many athletes are veritable "foodies".


Guoyu Women's Doubles player Jia Yifan said with a smile in the interview,

"I look forward to the Olympic Games for 5 years without McDonald's.

Want to eat free McDonald's!

So for this, I have to hold on for another term.


Data map: Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan combination.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

Liu Guoliang previously revealed that

The national table tennis team has just arrived in the Tokyo Olympic Village.

The first question of Sun Yingsha, the youngest member of the team, is:

"Anything to eat?"

The kind-hearted Malone immediately replied:

"I have food for 24 hours."

Earlier, Sun Yingsha was asked "Do you like meat?"

She immediately replied "I like it!"

Data map: Sun Yingsha in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan

In the last Rio Olympics,

Liu Guoliang also cooked noodles for the team members himself.

Women's volleyball coach Lang Ping also broke the news in a program.

"Many of the Chinese women's volleyball girls are foodies.

Took the initiative to ask me to eat ribs,

Later, I came to my house once a week.


Lang Ping also listed a "big list of foodies",

There are Sun Yue, He Qi, Yin Yin, Wu Yongmei and so on.

Data map: Chinese women's volleyball team.

Photo by China News Network reporter Tomita

It seems that

  Athletes can hardly resist the temptation of good food.

  I hope our warriors will pay attention to safety in Japan,

  Arrange a nice meal for myself after returning home,

Braised prawns, hot pot, seafood stewed cabbage are all arranged!

Comprehensive from: China News Network, Tonight News, Liaoshen Evening News, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Sina Weibo