This Olympic Games,

The national table tennis player Sun Yingsha has attracted the attention of many fans with her outstanding performance.


In addition to paying attention to Sun Yingsha’s skills, netizens

Also noticed a special detail:

People on the national table tennis team like to pinch Sun Yingsha's face.

Screenshot from: CCTV News

Screenshot from: CCTV News

In many competitions,

You can see the scene of Sun Yingsha being pinched.

Screenshot from: CCTV News

Even reporters couldn't help but want to try.

Screenshot from: CCTV News

Screenshot from: CCTV News

The women’s team coach Li Sun said in an interview,

My wife likes Sun Yingsha very much,

I once sent him a WeChat and said:

You must pinch Sun Yingsha's face for me.

Chen Meng also stated in the interview,

Sun Yingsha's face feels particularly good.

Some netizens joked,

Sun Yingsha's face has become a well-known attraction for Guoping.

Others said,

Sun Yingsha is "playing the fiercest ball with the milkiest face".

For why everyone likes to pinch their face,

Sun Yingsha analyzed that,

Maybe it’s because I have a pale face and flesh,

So everyone likes to squeeze.


"Little Devil"’s face can’t be squeezed, either.

Sun Yingsha once said proudly,

You can squeeze it after you lay it out

Do not play first, do not give it a pinch.

However, netizens said,

For Guoping,

Is it difficult to be number one?

Not to mention the national table tennis players,

I also wanted to pinch Sun Yingsha's face.


Pinching Sun Yingsha's face also pays attention to "skills",

She herself once in a video

Showed the "Four Steps to Pinching Face".

Source: Observer Network

How about it,

Have you learned it?

Do you want to squeeze Sun Yingsha's face?

Screenshot from: CCTV News

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