(Tokyo Olympics) All three Chinese players in the Tokyo Olympics women's shot put advanced to the finals

  China News Service, Tokyo, July 30 (Reporter Zhu Chenxi) The Tokyo Olympics Women's Shot Put Qualifying Tournament was held on the evening of the 30th at the New National Arena in Japan. All three Chinese players advanced to the final.

  According to the rules, the qualifying round can advance to the final by throwing 18.8 meters.

Gong Lijiao shot 19.46 meters on his first shot and directly advanced to the final.

Song Jiayuan's second shot distance was 19.23 meters, and Gao Yang's second shot distance was 18.8 meters, both of which successfully advanced to the final.

  The women's shot put event is an important gold spot for the Chinese team.

During the Tokyo Olympic cycle, Gong Lijiao was in good condition and won the women's shot put championship at the 2017 and 2019 World Championships.

This is Gong Lijiao's fourth Olympic trip. Prior to this, she had won the bronze medal for women's shot put at the Beijing Olympics and the silver medal for women's shot put at the London Olympics.

According to the rankings on the official website of the World Athletics Federation, Gong Lijiao currently firmly occupies the number one position in the world.

Gong Lijiao said after the game that she was a little excited after the long absence from the stadium and looked forward to creating the best results in the Tokyo stadium.

  Song Jiayuan voted 19.23 meters in this game and advanced to the final with the second place in the qualifying round.

She was satisfied with this and said, "This is her second best result this season." For the finals, she said that she would show her best level after rest and adjustment, "We must follow Jiao Sister (Gong Lijiao). come on!"

  Gao Yang's second shot distance in the qualifying round was 18.8 meters. She said that she was able to pass the pass line in the second shot and also proved her strength.

"I hope to save the good state to the final." She said.

  According to the schedule, the Tokyo Olympic Games women's shot put final will be held on the morning of August 1.

By then, Gong Lijiao will attack her first Olympic gold medal in the final, and Gao Yang and Song Jiayuan are also looking forward to creating better results.