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The French program 

Mixed relay triathlon: two FRA teams entered

Horse riding Full competition: Dressage Team and individual competition Day 2 - Session 3

Athlete: Pole V Qualifiers (Renaud Lavillenie) and Hammer Throw F Qualifiers (Mélina Robert-Michon), 800m H Series (PA Bosse), 800m W Semi-finals (Renelle Lamote)

Basket H: France-Iran

Fencing: Saber by team F (Berder, Brunet, Lembach, Balzer)

Swimming: Semi-finals 50m H (Manaudou, Grouget) and W (Hénique)

Judo: mixed teams

Sailing: RS: X Medal race F (Charline Picon)

Hand F: France-Russia

Hi Minutos!

Whether you are in the evening, insomniacs or in the morning (but really early in the morning), we welcome you to the first live of this 8th day of Olympic Games in Tokyo.

A day that we hope is happier than the previous one, especially for our judokas and Teddy Riner.

Our French legend has another chance to go for gold thanks to the team format offered by these Games.

Before that, there will also be team triathlon.

We will also monitor fencing and saber, again to be placed under the sign of the collective.

For the rest, there will be sailing and athleticism, in short, beautiful people and potential medals.

>> See you in a few minutes for the real start of this live

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