The Tokyo Olympics are the 9th day of the Games.

The 9th day of the tournament.

Judo, which has already won nine gold medals at this tournament, is aiming for the first Olympic champion in a new mixed team.

The competition for the Japanese national team is scheduled.

(As of 10:20 pm on the 30th. The start time of the competition may change depending on the progress)

[Golf] The

golf men will play the rest of the second round, which has been postponed due to the weather, and then the third round will be held.

Japan's Hideki Matsuyama has risen to the provisional 3rd place, 3 strokes behind the lead, with a total of 8 under, and is in a position to aim for the gold medal.

7:30 Men's 3rd Round (Hideki Matsuyama, Rikuya Hoshino)


7:30 AM Mixed Relay Final (Yuko Takahashi, Kenji Nener, Niina Kishimoto, Makoto Odakura)


8:30 AM Equestrian Day 2 (3 pairs) (Yoshiaki Oiwa, Kazuma Tomoto, Toshiyuki Tanaka)


9:00 am Mixed trap qualifying (Shigetaka Oyama, Yukie Nakayama)

0:00 pm Women's rifle 3 posture qualifying (Shiori Hirata)


9:00 am Women's Qualifying League (Japan vs. Angola)

[7-person rugby]

9:00 am Women's 11-12th place deciding match (Japan vs. Brazil)

[Athletics] On

land, the men's 100-meter qualifying round will be held. Ryota Yamagata, who holds a Japanese record of 9 seconds 95, Yuki Koike, who has explosive power from the middle to the second half, and Shuhei Tada, who has the world's top level start dash, will appear.

9:40 AM Men's stick high jump qualifying (Masaki Ejima, Seidou Yamamoto)

10:45 AM Women's 100m hurdle qualifying (


Kimura, Masumi Aoki, Asuka Terada)

7:10 pm Men's long jump qualifying (Yuki Hashioka, Shotaro Shiroyama, Hibiki Tsuha




7:45 pm Men's 100m qualifying (Ryota Yamagata, Shuhei Tada, Yuki Koike)


10:00 am Women's Sable Group T (Japan vs. Tunisia)


10:00 am Women's Group B (Japan vs. Spain)


10:10 AM Women's BMX Freestyle Seeding Run (



11:20 AM Men's BMX Freestyle Seeding Run'(Rimu Nakamura)


10:48 AM Men's Individual 3rd Round (Takashi Furukawa) Haru)

[Beach Volleyball]

11:00 AM Men's Qualifying (Yusuke Ishijima, Katsuhiro Shiratori)


11:15 AM Men's Flyweight 2nd Round (Ryomei Tanaka)

6:36 pm Men's Lightweight 2nd Round (Daisuke Narimatsu)

[ Judo] On

the 30th, Judo was a class that weighs more than 78 kg for women, and Teru Sone won the gold medal. This year, the number of gold medals in Japanese judo was nine, surpassing the eight in the 2004 Athens Olympics, the highest number. On the 31st, a mixed team of 3 men and 3 women will be held for the first time at the Olympic Games, and Japan will aim for the 10th gold medal in the tournament together with the first champion.

11:50 AM Mixed Team Quarterfinals (Japan)


0:00 pm Qualifying League (Japan vs. Mexico)


0:05 pm 49er-class race 10 (Sena Takano / Ibuki Koizumi)

0:05 pm Fin-class race 7 (Kazumasa Segawa)

0:05 pm 49erFX Class 10 (Anna Yamazaki /



0:05 pm Mixed


Nakura class race 7 (

Shiobuki Iizuka

/ Eri Hatayama)

1:00 pm 49er FX class race 11 (Anna Yamazaki / Sena Takano)

1:00 pm Mixed foiling Nakura class race 8 (

Shiobuki Iizuka /

Eri Hatayama)

1:00 pm 49er class race 11 (Ryo Takahashi / Ibuki Koizumi)

1:20 pm Fin class race 8 (Kazumasa Segawa)

1:55 pm 49er FX class race 12 (Anna Yamazaki / Sena Takano)

1:55 pm Mixed foiling Nakura class race 9 (

Shiobuki Iizuka /

Eri Hatayama)

1:55 pm 49er class race 12 (Ryo Takahashi / Ibuki Koizumi)






pm 00 Men's Qualifying (


Kishi, Ryosuke Sakai)


3:00 pm Women's Board Dive Semifinals (Sayaka Mikami, Ryoka Enomoto)


Japan, a soccer boy who has broken through the first league with three consecutive victories, will face New Zealand in the quarter-finals for the first four in two tournaments, starting the final tournament.

6:00 pm Men's Quarterfinals (Japan vs. New Zealand)


6:20 pm Men's Qualifying League (Japan vs. Italy)


7:40 pm Women's Qualifying League (Japan vs. Korea)


7:50 pm Men's 96 kg Group A (Toshiki Yamamoto)