The soccer team's quarterfinal opponent to be held this Saturday has been decided against Mexico. Mexico has a memory of meeting us very often at international competitions, and especially in the Olympics, we have played three times in a row.

Reporter Ha Seong-ryong will deliver the Mexican history and prospects for the quarterfinals.

<Reporter> The

players, who were full of confidence after scoring six goals in the match against Honduras, started training for recovery with a bright expression.

Park Ji-soo, an active-duty soldier, prepared for a decisive battle in a pleasant atmosphere by giving a smile with military gymnastics.

Manager Kim Hak-beom expressed his confidence as well as being wary of his opponent Mexico in the quarterfinals.

[Kim Hak-beom/Olympic soccer team coach: (Mexico) shows a very strong image in competitions by age. But our players are all one.

We will

repay you with victory.]

We have won 1 win and 1 draw against Mexico in the last two Olympics, including winning Mexico with a goal from Chang-Hoon Kwon at the Rio Olympics.

However, the Mexico we will meet this time is not easy.

Although they lost to the host country Japan, they scored 8 goals in 3 matches, scoring 4 goals against powerhouse France and 3 goals against South Africa.

The attacking duo Martin, Lomo, and winger Vega, who joined as wildcards, have excellent skill and speed, and are so accurate that 20 out of 36 shots go to the goal.

The goal is kept by the A team's veteran goalkeeper Ochoa.

A fierce attacking match is expected with Korea, which has scored 10 goals in the last two matches.

[Lee Dong-jun / Olympic soccer team striker: I think the teams that made it to the quarterfinals are really high-level teams. We are well prepared and we are going to play the game very earnestly.]

Mexico finished their game in Sapporo, the northernmost part of the country, and moved to Yokohama for a long distance, but we will play again here in Yokohama, where we won 6-0, so we maintain our condition. is a favorable prospect.

(Video coverage: Jeon Gyeong-bae, video editing: Kim Byung-jik)


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