On the 29th, Beijing time, the Tokyo Olympic Games women's volleyball group match continued. The Chinese team lost to the Russian Olympic team 2:3 and lost three straight in the group match.

As the champion of the last Olympic Games, the Chinese women's volleyball team may not be able to qualify for the embarrassing situation.

  In the first game, the Chinese women's volleyball team was still in poor condition in both offensive and defensive links, and made some mistakes on the court, losing to the opponent 17:25.

In the second game, the Chinese women's volleyball team finally found the state of the game. After fighting with their opponents, they finally got back a game at 25:23.

  Next, the Chinese women's volleyball team worked hard, 25:20 and then the next round, the big score go-ahead to 2:1.

In the fourth game, the Chinese women's volleyball team failed to seize the opportunity while leading the score. The Russian Olympic team won 27:25 and equalized the big score.

  In the deciding game, the Chinese women's volleyball team had a bad start, lagging behind their opponents, and finally lost the game at 12:15, with a big score of 2:3.

  In this Olympics, the Chinese team and the United States, Turkey, the Russian Olympians, Italy and Argentina are grouped together, and the top four teams can qualify.

Lang Ping is directing from the sidelines in Lang Ping.

  In the first two games of the group match, the Chinese team lost to Turkey and the United States with two 0:3.

Before the game, the Chinese women's volleyball team ranked fifth in the group stage, losing two games to the bottom of the Argentine team.

  In the pre-match predictions, the Russian Olympic team and the Argentine team were considered relatively weak.

If the Chinese team can win on these two teams, it will not be a problem to qualify.

Zhu Ting is in the game.

  With the Chinese team losing to the Russian Olympic team, the team's hopes of qualifying have become relatively slim.

Next, the Chinese team will have no matches with the Italian team and the Argentine team, but judging from the current state of the Chinese team, it is difficult to guarantee a victory.

  As the Rio Olympic champion, the Chinese women's volleyball team has been regarded as the biggest favorite to win before the Tokyo Olympics.

But after the start of the group stage, the state of the Chinese team looked rather sluggish.

  Zhu Ting's wrist injury has a significant impact on the Chinese team's offense. In addition, the team's technical and tactical execution is obviously not as smooth as before.

The Chinese women's volleyball team is in the competition.

  Poor group stage status, this is not the first time this situation has occurred.

In the last Olympic Games, the Chinese team won 2 wins and 3 losses in the group stage and only advanced to the quarterfinals as the fourth in the group.

But in the knockout rounds, they became more and more courageous and eventually won the gold medal.

  Is the Chinese women's volleyball team continuing to be in a downturn and missed the group?

Or will it bottom out and grab a silver lining to copy Rio's story?

No one can give an exact answer.

  However, as a team that has created countless miracles, we are willing to believe in the adjustment ability of the women's volleyball girls.

There is still a chance, keep going!

  Author: Wang Hao

  Poster design: Li Xueyao Jiang Xiaoyi

  Editor: Wang Hao and Zhou Yujiazi