Lewis Hamilton will not receive a heavier penalty after the crash with Max Verstappen two weeks ago at the Grand Prix of Great Britain.

Red Bull's protest was rejected by the international motorsport federation FIA on Thursday.

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Hamilton tapped Verstappen's car while overtaking on the Silverstone circuit.

As a result, the leader in the World Cup position flew off the track and was unable to continue the race.

Hamilton was penalized with a ten-second time penalty, but that didn't stop him from winning his home race.

Red Bull thought the penalty for Verstappen's main competitor was far too low and protested.

According to team principal Christian Horner, the team had new information that was not yet available at the time the sentence was handed down.

Prior to the race weekend in Hungary, a delegation from Red Bull and Mercedes spoke with race director Michael Masi.

Afterwards, the FIA ​​released a statement that "no significant and relevant new element" could be introduced and that the request for review is therefore rejected.

The rejection of the protest comes as no surprise.

It is rare in Formula 1 for the FIA ​​to reverse a time penalty and replace it with another sanction.

The crash between Hamilton and Verstappen caused a lot of controversy.

Red Bull blamed the Brit on not only his overtaking action, but also the exuberant way in which he celebrated his victory when Verstappen was still in hospital for an examination.

Hamilton said afterwards that he was not aware of this.