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My name is Mitch Marinus and I will keep you updated on the seventh day of the Tokyo Olympics.

  • Day seven:

  • LIVE: BMX, quarterfinals (m/f)

  • 3:44 am: swimming final, 200 m school

  • Light double sculls lose gold

  • View the Dutch program here

  • View the full day program here

Handball 1 minute ago

The Netherlands is already certain of the quarterfinals after three games and that is celebrated.

  • Group A position:

  • 1. The Netherlands 2-



  • 2. Norway



  • 3. Montenegro 2-



  • 4. Japan 2-



  • 5. South Korea 2-



  • 6. Angola 3-



one minute ago

Handball 9 minutes ago

60 'In the very last second, Dione Housheer receives a direct red card and Albertina Kassoma is allowed to score the last goal from seven meters: 37-28.

Handball 11 minutes ago

60 'Kelly Dulfer ensures that the lead over Angola is ten again just before time: 37-27.

Handball 13 minutes ago

In the second half, the Netherlands emphatically distances itself from Angola.

After 55 minutes it is 32-24 in favor of Emmanuel Mayonnade's team.

Rowing 18 minutes ago


The Dutch boat is caught up in the absolute final!

The Italians win gold and the duo Paulis and Keijser will soon have to collect the bronze medal.

Rowing 19 minutes ago

500 m to go -

The Dutch boat is still in the lead!

Great Britain (second) follows by more than a second.

19 minutes ago

Rowing 21 minutes ago

Another 1,000 m -

Paulis and Keijser are steaming up!

They have taken over the lead and are slightly ahead of the French and Italian boat.

Rowing 22 minutes ago

Another 1,500 m -

The Netherlands is just next to the podium after 500 meters and rows in fourth place.

Great Britain leads, France and Italy follow.

Rowing 25 minutes ago


The six boats start moving, the Netherlands starts in lane 1.

Rowing 26 minutes ago

Let's go rowing!

Can Ilse Paulis and Marieke Keijser deliver the fifth rowing medal to the Netherlands?

BMX 27 minutes ago

Twan van Gendt and Niek Kimmann dominate in the first heat.

Van Gendt is first and gets one point and Niek Kimmann is second and gets two points.

Both will play three more times later tonight and the four with the fewest points will advance to the semi-finals at the end of the competition day.

27 minutes ago

Handball 30 minutes ago

It went pretty hard in the first half at times, but it seems that the Netherlands is getting better at avoiding the duels.

Handball 35 minutes ago

36 'Thanks to Inger Smits' second goal, the Netherlands has some space again: 22-17.

Handball 39 minutes ago

33 'Rinka Duijndam, the new goalkeeper with the Dutch team, also has to fish for the first time.

Fortunately, the Netherlands itself continues to score quite easily: 19-16.

Handball 43 minutes ago

Start second half!

Can the Netherlands increase the score in the second half?

Olympic Games 1 hour ago

Where will we see the Dutch in action in the coming hours?

  • LIVE: handball, group match

  • Dutch team

  • 3:00 am: quarter-finals BMXfinal

  • Kimmann, Van Gendt and Harmsen

  • Laura and Merel Smulders and Baauw

  • 3.10 am: rowing, final

  • Ilse Paulis and Marieke Keijser

  • 3.30 am: rowing, semi-final

  • Sophie Souwer

  • 3:44 am: swimming final, 200 m school

  • Arno Kamminga

an hour ago

BMX 1 hour ago

Later this night, the female BMX riders will also be in action during the quarterfinals.

Laura Smulders won bronze in 2012 and this time hopes for a medal in a different color.

Her sister (Merel) and Judy Baauw also start their Olympic adventure.

  • Start times

  • 3.21 am: Merel Smulders

  • 3.25 am: Laura Smulders

  • 3.33 am: Judy Baauw

BMX 1 hour ago

Despite a tear in his kneecap, Niek Kimmann will soon start 'normally' in the quarterfinals of the BMX tournament.

He comes into action together with Twan van Gendt in the second series.

Joris Harmsen - the third Dutchman - starts a series later.

Handball 1 hour ago


Thanks to a hit by Laura van der Heijden in the final seconds, the Netherlands will rest with a margin of two compared to Angola: 17-15.

Offensively, Emmanuel Mayonnade's team looks fine, but a lot of space is given away defensively.

Handball 1 hour ago

29 'Both goalkeepers really miss the goals: 15-14.

Handball 1 hour ago

25 'Mayonnade will still not be satisfied with the defense of his team.

Keepster Tess Wester is passed again and Angola comes back to 14-12.

an hour ago

Handball 1 hour ago

The Dutch handball players won their previous two group matches against Japan (32-21) and South Korea (43-36).

Handball 1 hour ago

23 'Emmanuel Mayonnade requests a time-out and that is understandable: Angola slowly creeps closer and comes to 13-11.

Handball 1 hour ago

19 'The Netherlands has a serious gap: 13-8.

Just over ten minutes until the halftime signal.

Handball 1 hour ago

14 'Thanks to Bo van Wetering, the margin is three again: 8-5.

Handball 1 hour ago

9 'Three goals in a row from the Angolan handball players and therefore they are level again: 5-5.

Handball 1 hour ago

3 'The Netherlands takes away from Angola within three minutes: 4-1.

Top scorer Lois Abbingh scores her first goal of the match.

Handball 2 hours ago


It is an early morning for the Dutch handball players, because it is still morning in Tokyo.

Nevertheless, the starting signal sounded sharply at 9:00 am.

Handball 2 hours ago

We start with an indoor sport, namely handball.

Emmanuel Mayonnade's team is unbeaten after two games and wants to maintain that status after the game with Angola.

Olympics 2 hours ago

Olympic program July 29: these Dutchmen take action.

Olympics 2 hours ago

After the great day yesterday, we are getting ready for the sixth sports day at the Olympics.

Today there are also plenty of medal opportunities, including rowing (Ilse Paulis and Marieke in light double sculls) and swimming (Arno Kamminga in 200 meters school).

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