Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels hit the 37th three-run home run in two consecutive games against the Rockies.

On the 28th, Otani started in the Rockies game in Anaheim, California, as the second and designated hitter, and in the first at-bat, he hit a hit that surpassed the 12th base and made a home with a subsequent hit. I returned to.

The second at-bat in the third inning was a walk, and in the third at-bat, which chased two points in the fourth inning and went around with two outs on first base and second base, he caught a fastball on the outside angle and hit a reverse No. 37 three-run on the light stand.

Otani's home run has run alone in both leagues with a difference of 5 in 2nd place in 2 games in a row.

The 4th at bat in the 6th inning was a missed strikeout, and the 5th at bat in the 8th inning was a walk. In this game, the batting average increased to 20% and 8 minutes with 2 hits and 3 RBIs in 3 at bats and 2 foreballs.

Otani also increased his RBI to 81 and finished second in both leagues, one RBI behind the top.

The Angels won 8-7.