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athletes who achieved the Olympic gold medal in the men's fencing sabre returned home yesterday (29th). Athletes are already talking about the Paris Olympics three years from now.

Correspondent Lee Jeong-chan.


Joy remained on the face of the Saber Four Musketeers who appeared at the arrival hall.

Kim Jung-hwan, the 'eldest brother', gave a proud medal to his wife, whom he met after two months, and smiled broadly.

[Kim Jeong-hwan/Saber National Team: It is now really real and happy that we were greeted so warmly.] Although I have

always been the 'world's strongest', the journey to winning the Olympic gold medal for the second time in a row was difficult.

Uneasy days continued in the aftermath of Corona 19,

[Kim Jeong-hwan / Saber national team: (preparation process) seems to have been more painful than ever before.]

Sang-wook Oh, the world's No. They were eliminated in the quarterfinals and suffered a sharp decline.

[Sangwook Oh / National Saber National Team: I didn't have much confidence.]

But in the team


we encouraged each other and returned to the world's strongest.

[Gu Bon-gil / Saber national team: I keep raising my hand because I keep doubting it. Do not doubt] With

the support of the older brothers, 'youngest ace' Sang-wook Oh was completely revived, and the final victory was decided.

After the gold medal at the London Olympics 9 years ago, the athletes who achieved a second consecutive Olympic victory by succeeding in a generational change are already looking at Paris three years later.

[Koo Bon-gil/Saber national team: Now that I have


2 consecutive victories, I am determined to challenge 3 consecutive victories.]

[Kim Jun-ho / Saber national team: I will work hard at the next Olympics.]