It was just a hope for Simone Biles in Tuesday's team final in gymnastics.

A miss in the landing resulted in a points deduction and the American superstar then broke the final.

- It did not feel like I had much fun.

I wanted to take part in these Olympics for my own sake.

I came in and felt that I was still doing it for others.

It hurts the heart that the feeling of doing what I love has been taken away a bit to make other people happy, Biles said afterwards.

"Fight in the head"

Biles said Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka, who broke the French championship in May and referred to mental illness, has inspired her to talk about her problems.

Earlier on Tuesday, Osaka surprisingly went out in the third round of Olympic tennis against the Czech Marketa Vondrousova.

Afterwards, Osaka admitted that she felt great pressure.

- When you end up in a high-stress situation and you just kind of ball out.

I need to focus on my mental health and not risk health and well-being.

It's just sour when the fight is going on inside your own head, Biles said according to CNN.

Without Biles, the United States, which had to take in a reserve, could not defend the Olympic title.

Instead, it was the Russian gymnasts who won and the American big favorites had to settle for silver.

Mental recovery

Biles and her coach have said that Wednesday will be a day for mental recovery and rest.

She qualified for all four branch finals as well as for the individual all-around.

Now it remains to be seen if she shows up - the all-around will be decided on Thursday and the branch finals Sunday to Tuesday.

Simone Biles won four gold medals at the last Olympics in Rio and the 24-year-old is one of the Olympics' biggest fix stars.

ARCHIVE: Biles takes off his pants - standing on his hands (April 13, 2020):

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Here Biles takes off his pants - standing on his hands