In the women's singles quarterfinals of table tennis, Kasumi Ishikawa played against Yu Mengyu of Singapore and lost with a game count of 1 to 4, so he did not advance to the semifinals.

Aim to win medals for 3 consecutive tournaments as a group

Ishikawa has participated in the Olympic Games for the third consecutive tournament, and this tournament is also the deputy captain of the Japanese team.

In the singles, he lost in the 3rd place playoff in the London Games and was one step behind the medal, and in the previous Rio de Janeiro Games he lost to the North Korean player who was the first match in the first match, aiming to win his first medal in the individual event. I did.

In the last few years, there have been times when I couldn't get the results I expected because of the success of young people. I was sometimes told. There was a time when I lost confidence that I wasn't good enough, "he said in his painful heart.

Still, without giving up, I was inspired by younger players, re-evaluated myself, strengthened serve and receive, and changed to an aggressive play style that aggressively attacks from myself even if I take risks I did.

In this tournament, the first rounds of the 3rd and 4th rounds were against the same left-handed players as myself, who were not good at both.

"I honestly didn't like it when I saw the combination, but I've practiced a lot," he said, aggressively attacking with his forehand and winning in a row, winning the quarterfinals.

However, in the quarter-finals, he lost to a lower opponent in the ranking and was eliminated in the final eight.

Ishikawa is a women's group that serves as captain and aims to win medals for the third consecutive tournament.

"Lose here and switch feelings of regret"

Kasumi Ishikawa recalled the match, saying, "I tried to deal with the opponent's rally, but it didn't work and I wasn't satisfied with the result. I'm sorry to lose here."

Regarding the third game that took the time-out, "I'm sorry I dropped it even though I was leading in the third game. There were many bad courses, missed chance balls, and wasted balls in the third game." I looked back.

He expressed his enthusiasm for the team competition, saying, "I want to switch my mind and play without regrets."