Baseball at the Tokyo Olympics.

The first match of the Japanese national team, the Dominican Republic match, will be held from noon at the prefectural Azuma Stadium in Fukushima City.

Japan's starting pitcher is Yoshinobu Yamamoto, a 22-year-old professional baseball player from Orix.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the match.

Japan's starting member (second attack)

1 [Finger] Tetsuto Yamada (Yakult)

2 [Yu] Hayato Sakamoto (Giant)

3 [Left] Masanao Yoshida (Orix)

4 [Right] Seiya Suzuki (Hiroshima)

5 [1] Eito Asamura (Rakuten)

6 [Middle] Yuki Yanagida (Softbank)

7 [2] Ryosuke Kikuchi (Hiroshima)

8 [3] Munetaka Murakami (Yakult)

9 [Capture] Takuya Kai (Softbank)

Starting pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Orix)

Japan's starting


are professional baseball and Orix 22 I'm Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

It is a pitcher that represents the Pacific League top in the number of wins, ERA, and strikeouts, with a variety of straight changing balls over 150 km.

Dominican Republic starting member (first)

1 [Middle] Emilio Bonifacio

2 [Right] Julio Rodriguez

3 [1] Jose Botista

4 [Finger] Juan Ramon Francisco González

5 [Left] Johann Miaces

6 [3] Eric


7 [Yu] Jason Jason Gooseman 

8 [Capture] Charlie Valerio

9 [2] Gustavo Nunez

starting pitcher Christopher Mercedes The

Dominican Republic is made up of players who have experience in the major leagues and players who play in the minor leagues, and Melky Cabrera has 1962 hits in the major leagues. Jose Botista has hit 344 home runs in the major leagues.

The starting pitcher is a professional baseball giant and pitcher Mercedes, who has won five wins this season.

The Dominican Republic has participated in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, which was held as a public sport, and the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, which was held as the first official sport, but both have missed medals.

Japan wants to take the lead by scoring the first goal, centered on the Central League batter who has played against pitcher Mercedes.

Tokyo Olympic baseball rules

▽ Designated hitter system ▽ No limit on the number of pitches

▽ Advance notice available

▽ Tie break after 10 times extension (from no-out first base and second base)

▽ Replay verification up to once. If the decision is overturned, it can be requested again. If you enter the extension, you will be given one new right.

▽ Rules for shortening the game time ・ Pitcher pitching interval is within 20 seconds when there is no runner ・ Within 30 seconds when the manager or pitcher coach takes time to go to the mound ・ Pitcher change and offense and defense change between innings If you violate the rules within 90 seconds, the first time will be a warning, and after the second time, one ball count will be added to the batter of the opponent team

▽ 15 points difference after the 5th cold game 10 points difference after the 7th time (final and 3rd place decision) Not applicable in battle)