Kim Woo-jin, Kim Je-deok, and Oh Jin-hyuk of the national team won gold medals in the men's archery team.

How did foreign media introduce Korea's archery competition?

"Ten! Ten! Today is the tenth 10 points! X-ten!"

“(Kim Je-duk) Hahaha, it definitely brings life to the game.”

“When I see the skills of Korean players, I am amazed.”

"It doesn't look like it's hard at all."

"It's a high-level match like the Olympic gold medal match."

"It couldn't be better than this."

"I think it was the most perfect match in Korea's history."

“It is not easy to imitate the know-how of Korean archery.”

Let's take a look at the moments that drew the admiration of the foreign media together in the video.

(SBS New Media Department)