China News Service, Tokyo, July 27th (Reporter Song Fangcan) On July 27th, the Tokyo Olympic Air Rifle Mixed Team Qualification Tournament kicked off. Chinese players Yang Qian/Yang Haoran advanced to the first place in the first stage of the qualifier and finished second. In the stage, he entered the gold medal game as the first place.

Another pair of young Chinese players Zhang Yu/Sheng Lihao played poorly and missed the quarterfinals by 0.2 ring and ranked 11th.

  Yang Qian previously won the women's 10m air rifle individual competition, winning the first gold for the Chinese team in this Olympics.

Yang Haoran won a bronze medal in the men's individual competition.

The "Yang Yang combination" composed of two people has strong strength.

  In the first stage of the qualifying round, the male and female players in each team played 3 sets of 10 bullets.

Yang Qian scored 105.3 rings, 105.6 rings and 105.3 rings respectively in the three groups, and scored 316.2 rings.

Yang Haoran scored 105.3 rings, 105 rings and 106.7 rings in the three groups, with a score of 317 rings. The total score of the two was 633.2 rings, ranking first among 29 groups and entering the second stage of the qualifying competition.

  Another Chinese team participating in the qualifying round was Zhang Yu/Sheng Lihao. Both of them failed to play well in the first group. They scored 103.5 rings and 103.6 rings respectively. The total score of the two in the first stage was 626.7 rings, which was 0.2 ring. Behind the eighth place, only 11 missed the next game.

  In the second stage of the qualifying round, the top eight players in the first stage will have their scores cleared to zero by male and female players each playing 20 rounds.

The top two in the total score enter the gold medal battle, and the third and fourth places will win a bronze medal in the bronze medal battle.

Yang Qian had a bad start. The first and fourth rounds made 9.9 and 9.8. The first group of 10 rounds was 103.3. Fortunately, Yang Haoran scored a high score of 106.2 in the first group. The Chinese team temporarily ranked first. .

In the second group, Yang Qian hit 104.7 rings, while Yang Haoran continued in her good form, hitting 105.5 rings.

In the end, the Yang Qian/Yang Haoran combination delivered a high score of 419.7 in the second stage of the qualifying round and advanced to the gold medal game as the first place.

  The gold medal match adopts the rule of "grab 16". The number of rings in each round is kept to one decimal place. If the sum of the rings of the two players in the team is higher, 2 points will be counted, and each tie will get 1 point, and the first to score 16 points or more The taller team wins the game.

Yang Qian/Yang Haoran’s gold medal opponent is the American combination Tucker/Kozeneski.