(Tokyo Olympics) Zhang Yufei laughed at the silver medal in "Nezha Naohai"

  China News Service, Tokyo, July 26th, title: Zhang Yufei's "Nezha Naohai" smiles at the silver medal

  China News Agency reporter Zhang Su

  Only 0.05 seconds away!

In the women's 100m butterfly final of the Tokyo Olympics held on the 26th, Chinese athlete Zhang Yufei missed the gold medal.

  After the game, Zhang Yufei was lost for a moment when he saw the big screen, but he quickly returned to his usual lively appearance. He gestured "Yeah" to the follower camera from time to time, and came to the mixed interview area with a smile on his face. Attend the press conference to answer all questions, talk and laugh.

  The Chinese swimming team has always had no shortage of "Butterfly Queens".

The Barcelona Olympic Games women’s 100-meter butterfly champion Qian Hong, Zhou Yafei, known as the "Queen of the Asian Butterfly", Liu Zige and Jiao Liuyang, who have been performing the "Double Butterfly Struggle" in the international arena for many years... Coming to this Olympic cycle, Zhang Yufei is a recognized swimmer Altar is newly promoted to "Queen of Butterfly".

  But she seems more willing to describe herself as a "little Nezha" who is going to "make trouble in the sea" on a hot wheel.

  "Nezha Naohai" comes from Chinese mythology and tells the legendary story of the well-known little hero "Nezha" defeating the dragon king who caused floods.

A batch of animated film and television works adapted by him have been well received, such as the domestic animation "Nezha's Devil Boy Comes to the World", which created the box office myth of the mainland film market, and the sentence "I can't help but my life" demonstrates this image." Burn".

  During the Rio Olympics, Zhang Yufei took pictures with his hair tied up high and dressed as "Nezha", and posted on social media that he was going to "make trouble in the sea".

At that time, because she failed to get to the podium, she ridiculed herself again: "'Naohai' didn't succeed and was shot on the beach by the sea."

  Moving from Rio to Tokyo, Zhang Yufei gradually came out of the downturn, and his condition is getting better and better.

The performance over the past few days is even more outstanding.

She is the only player to swim the "56-second mark" in the semi-finals of the women's 100m butterfly at the Olympic Games.

In the final, she reacted swiftly when firing the shot, and she also had an advantage in the first half.

  Until, Canadian player McNeill took the lead to hit the wall.

This Chinese girl, who won the women's 100m butterfly final of the 2019 FINA World Swimming Championships, also won the Olympic gold medal.

  Didn't you get to the highest podium in the Olympics, can you still be called a successful "noisy sea"?

Faced with questions from reporters from China News Agency, Zhang Yufei gave answers without hesitation.

  She said that the ultimate goal is definitely to go for the championship, but winning the championship is not only about strength, but also about luck, especially for short-distance events where the players start from the "tit for tat".

What she has to do is "even if I can't get the first place, it won't let my opponent win so easily, I must fight."

  "I can lose, but I will never give up easily." This is the criterion for Zhang Yufei's success in "making trouble in the sea".

  Take this final as an example, although Zhang Yufei only got second place, Zhang Yufei was still very happy.

Because she feels that she has played her best level, because she has beaten herself again.

  In Zhang Yufei's view, the women's 100-meter butterfly final of the Tokyo Olympics taught her "the most important and valuable lesson in her career so far" and learned how to adjust her state under heavy pressure.

This will be of great benefit to the next game.

  In fact, Zhang Yufei created a personal best result in the women's 200m butterfly this year, which is also the world's best result in the past three years.

Looking forward to another highly anticipated "golden spot" in the Tokyo arena, Zhang Yufei said with reservations that he would not put too much pressure on himself and would not think too much about "virtual" things.

  The silver medal in hand is real, of course, the ambition of "Little Nezha" does not stop there.

After today’s game, she inadvertently uttered a word that was supporting evidence: “I lost this game, but I don’t admit defeat. I will win back next year’s World Championships.” (End)