Japan, a softball player, will face the United States in the final round of the qualifying league from 10 am.

In the latest world ranking, Japan is second and the United States is first.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the match.

Japan's starting member

[First strike Japan]

1 [Middle] Saki Yamazaki

2 [Right] Yuka Ichiguchi

3 [2] Hitomi Kawabata

4 [Throw] Yamato Fujita

5 [3] Yu Yamamoto

6 [1] Miho Naito

7 [Left] Nodoka Harada

8 [ Capture] Yukiyo Mine

9 [Yu] Mana Atsumi At

the center of Japan's batting average is Yu Yamamoto, who has a batting average of over 40%, and Yamato Fujita, who hit a home run for three consecutive games.

The pitchers also continue to pitch stably with 3 runs in 28 innings.

Two of the four games won by goodbye, showing tenacity.

American starting member


1 [Middle] Haylie McCleney

2 [Left] Johnny Reed

3 [Right] Amanda Chidester

4 [1] Valerie Elioto

5 [2]



6 [Play] Delaney Spalding

7 [3] Kelsey Stewart

8 [Capture] Aubrey Munro

9 [Finger] Michelle Mortley



Ally Carda

Japan's point is how to capture the American pitcher who shows overwhelming pitching.