On the 4th day of the Tokyo Olympics, a qualifying league was held for badminton, and a pair of men's doubles Keigo Sonoda and Takeshi Kamura decided to advance to the quarterfinals.

On the 26th, Japanese players appeared in the men's doubles and mixed doubles qualifying leagues for the Tokyo Olympics badminton.

Of these, in Group C of the Men's Doubles, the pair of Sonoda and Kamura, who ranked 5th in the world, played against the pair of American Phillip Chew and Ryan Chu, who ranked 35th in the world.

The pair of Sonoda and Kamura overwhelmed the opponent in a drive battle where they are good at attacking the height of the net, taking the first game 21 to 11 and the second game 21 to 3, and the game count 2 to 0. I won straight.

As a result, we won the qualifying league for the second time in a row and decided to advance to the quarterfinals.

Keigo Sonoda "Enjoying each battle"

After the match, Sonoda said, "We are able to play one by one in our own way. We want to have fun and play each match."

When asked if he felt better in the second game, he seemed relaxed, saying, "I was less nervous than in the first game. That's okay."

Takeshi Kamura "Reflections for Tomorrow"

Kamura said, "Since the group league is not over yet, I feel that I have to reflect on tomorrow and look forward to the match, rather than advancing."

Regarding the fact that the next match is going to pass the 1st place in the qualifying, "Because I am a losing opponent, I have more fun to play the match. I want to do it. "

Mixed Doubles Watanabe / Higashino Pair Qualifying League 3 consecutive wins

In Group C of the mixed doubles, the pair of Yuta Watanabe and Arisa Higashino, who have already decided to advance to the quarterfinals, will be the fourth-ranked Indonesian Praveen Jordan and Muratidaeva Octavi. I played against a pair of Ante players.

The pair of Watanabe and Higashino overwhelmed the top-ranked pair with a variety of shots, with a straight win of 21 to 13 in the first game and 21 to 10 in the second game, making it a third straight win. I advanced to the quarterfinals in the qualifying league in 1st place.

Only these two Japanese players will participate in the qualifying league on the 26th, and on the 27th, the women's doubles Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota's "Fukuhiro" pair will play in the match.