Koshary's video raises controversy after the military production match with Al-Ahly.

A circulating video of the coach of the Military Production team, Ahmed Koshary, sparked widespread controversy among the Egyptian fans on social media, after he expressed his anger at the decisions of referee Mohamed Maarouf, who managed his team’s confrontation with his Al-Ahly counterpart in the 24th round of the Egyptian Premier League, in which the latter managed to overturn his 1-2 delay. To win in the last minute 3-2.

Captain Ahmed Koshary, Technical Director of Military Production, talks with the match observer after the Al-Ahly match and says to him, “The referee wronged me and forfeited the right of my team.” pic.twitter.com/bk9PM94RsE

— Btolat.com (@Btolat) July 25, 2021

The video, which resonated widely with the fans of the traditional rival, Zamalek, showed coach Koshary excited during his conversation with the match observer before the start of the press conference for the confrontation, stressing that the referee wasted his effort with the military production team, in reference to an arbitrary injustice that harmed his team and forbade him to leave the tie point on the Less appreciate.

After the video, which was taken before the press conference, Koshary said: "It is forbidden for me to suffer and abuse the ruling, and it is not the first time! I am a man of the people, but the referee is not angry with me!", while commenting minutes later on the events of the match during the conference: "I congratulate Al-Ahly Club on the victory, we know The red plays for the last minute, and this is one of its features. We deserved at least a point, but we were stolen at the end of the game. We are under pressure because we are at the bottom of the league, but the team has improved greatly.”

And he added: “This is not the team that struggles to stay and performs in this way against Al-Ahly. If we succeed in continuing this performance, we will remain in the league. I was hoping to win today, but the experiences of Al-Ahly players decided the match.”

He continued, "I hope the arbitration analysts will review the game of Mohamed Hani, who deserved a second warning and then expulsion, and Ayman Ashraf also deserved expulsion, and on the other hand, the production players were getting free warnings."

He continued: "Al-Ahly's draw in the last match with Al-Ahly Bank put a lot of pressure on Al-Ahly and us. Al-Ahly plays until the last minute and this is Al-Ahly's spirit. I was hoping to get my right in today's match, but this did not happen."

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