China News Service Client, Beijing, July 26. Beijing time, July 26, the men's doubles 10-meter platform final of the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese diving champions Cao Yuan/Chen Aisen joined forces. In the end, they regretted losing to the British group Thomas with 470.58 points. Daly/Matthew Lee Qu was runner-up.

  The double 10-meter platform not only tests the players' personal skills, but also requires the two to have a tacit cooperation.

Both Cao Yuan and Chen Aisen had stood on the highest podium of the men's double 10-meter platform in the Olympic Games, but it was the first time that the two of them appeared in the finals of the event at the Olympics.

  Since they started partnering in November 2018, the two have become more and more intimate.

At the 2019 Gwangju World Championships, Cao Yuan/Chen Aisen stood on the highest podium in the men's double 10-meter platform with a total score of 486.93 points.

  From the young niche who was fledgling at the beginning of the year, to the pillar of the Chinese diving team now, the first to win the Olympic single and double 10-meter platform champion, an all-rounder with the top strength of springboard and platform, a combination of two Olympic champion It is worth looking forward to.

  In today's men's double 10m platform final, Chen Aisen and Cao Yuan completed the first three moves perfectly, leading the way in total points.

But when completing the fourth action-207B with a difficulty coefficient of 3.6 (three and a half weeks of bending backwards), Cao Yuan and Chen Aisen made obvious mistakes. Not only did they lose their lead, they also fell to second place.

  Although Cao Yuan and Chen Aisen completed the next two actions with extremely high quality, but the British combination became more and more courageous and left no chance of overtaking.

In the end, the Chinese team unfortunately picked up silver with a slight gap of 1.23 points.