(Tokyo Olympics) "Young Sword God" Zhang Jialang was upset and won the first Olympic fencing gold medal for Hong Kong, China

  China News Service, Tokyo, July 26. In the men's foil individual competition at the Tokyo Olympics on the 26th, Zhang Jialang, a Hong Kong player who was not optimistic before the match, reached the final and defeated a strong opponent, winning the first Olympic Games for Hong Kong, China. Fencing gold medal.

This is also the first Olympic gold medal won by the Hong Kong delegation after the return of Hong Kong.

  Zhang Jialang, born in 1997, has the reputation of "the young sword god" and has won the fencing Asian Championships and the Asian Games men's individual third place.

  Zhang Jialang, who competed in the Olympic Games for the second time, defeated four players from France, Italy, Russia, and the Czech Republic to reach the finals.

Except for a one-point win in the game against Russian teenager Kirill after 00, the rest of the games were won by a big score.

  Zhang Jialang's opponent in the final is the famous Italian player Daniele Garroso, who is the individual champion of men's foil in the Rio Olympics.

In the finals, Zhang Jialang started to enter the state slightly slowly. He fell behind 1:4 at one time, but the young man did not hesitate. Then he played a wave of 9:1 scoring climax, and established a 5-point lead in one fell swoop.

  The lagging Italian then launched a counterattack, once narrowing the difference to 2 points.

Under pressure, Zhang Jialang did not panic, played steadily and kept the lead, and finally won the game 15:11.

  It is worth mentioning that Zhang Jialang is the second Hong Kong athlete to win the Olympic gold medal after sailing female athlete Li Lishan.