The uniforms worn by the Japanese national team athletes at the Tokyo Para-Athletics have been announced, and the infinite symbols that represent the potential of the athletes are drawn powerfully based on red and white.

The Japanese national team of Para-athletics has been holding a training camp in Hokkaido since the 21st, and on the 25th, the practice of the new Paralympic event "Universal Relay", in which four athletes with different disabilities relay 400 meters, was released.

Among them, the uniforms that the players wear during the tournament were shown for the first time.

The uniform is based on red and white with the Hinomaru in mind, and the symbol for infinity is drawn from the front to the back in a powerful typeface with a brush, expressing the infinite possibilities that the player has.

Kengo Oshima, a relay member and prosthetic leg class player, said, "I think it's a cool design that feels youthful. I feel more relaxed when I see the characters in Japan, and I want to do my best so that I can demonstrate my strength in the actual performance." I did.

The Tokyo Paralympics will start on the 24th of next month, and 44 athletes will participate in the track and field starting from the 27th at the National Stadium.