The Tokyo Olympics are the fourth day of the Games.

The competition for the Japanese national team is scheduled.

Shohei Ono, a 73-kilometer class judo boy, is aiming for a gold medal for the second consecutive tournament, and he is also expected to win a medal on the women's street of skateboarding.

(As of 10:45 pm on the 25th, the start time of the competition may change depending on the progress)


6:30 am Men's Final (Makoto Odakura / Kenji Nener)


7:00 AM Women's 3rd Round (Maeda Mahina / Tsuzuki Yumeji)

11:48 Men's 3rd Round (Igarashi Kanoa / Hiroto Ohara)

[Skateboarding] On

Skateboard Women's Street, pay attention to two teenagers, 19-year-old Aori Nishimura, who won the world championship last month in 3rd place in the world ranking, and Aori Nishimura, 13-year-old player in 5th place in the world. For skateboarding, it will be interesting to see if Yuto Horigome will win a gold medal on Men's Street on the 25th and will win medals for both men and women. If 13-year-old Nishiya wins a medal, he will be the youngest Japanese player to overtake Kyoko Iwasaki, who was 14 years old at the time.

8:30 AM Women's Street Qualifying (Aori Nishimura / Kaoru Nishiya / Kaede Nakayama)


9:00 AM Women's Skeet Qualifying-Day 2 (Naoko Ishihara)

10:00 AM Men's Skeet Qualifying-Day 2 (Ikawa) Hiroyuki)


9:00 am Women's Saber Individual 1st Round (Chika Aoki)

10:45 AM Women's Saber Individual 2nd Round (Misaki Emura)

10:45 Women's Skeet Individual 2nd Round (Norika Tamura)

0:05 pm Men's Fleure Individual 2nd Round (Kyosuke Matsuyama)

0:35 pm Men's Fleure Individual 2nd Round (Takahiro Shikine)

Afternoon 0:35 Men's Fleure Individual 2nd Round (Toshiya Nishito)

[7-person rugby]

The rugby sevens men's qualifying league has begun, and Japan, which ranked 4th in the previous tournament, will challenge Fiji, the gold medal in the previous tournament, in the first match.

9:00 am Men's Qualifying League (Japan vs. Fiji)

4:30 pm Men's Qualifying League (Japan vs. England)


10:00 am Men's Doubles Qualifying League (Keigo Sonoda / Takeshi Kamura)

10:40 AM Mixed Doubles Qualifying League (Yuta Watanabe / Arisa Higashino)


10:00 am Qualifying League (Japan vs. America)

[ Basketball 3x3]

10:15 am Women's Qualifying League (Japan vs. China)

0:00 pm Men's Qualifying League (Japan vs. Serbia)

2:25 pm Women's Qualifying League (Japan vs. Italy)

3:00 pm Men's Qualifying League (Japan vs. ROC) = Russian Olympic Committee)


11:00 AM Women's Singles 2nd Round (Misaki Doi)

11:00 Women's Singles 2nd Round (Naomi Osaka)

11:00 Men's Doubles 2nd Round (Tsutomu Macraclan / Kei Nishikiori)


11 AM 30:30 Men's Flyweight 1st Round (Ryoaki Tanaka)

0:36 pm Men's Middleweight 1st Round (Moriwaki Yuito)

8:27 Women's Feather Class 2nd Round (




11:31 AM Men's 100m Backstroke Semifinals (Ryosuke Irie)

11:53 AM Women's 100m Backstroke Semifinals (Anna Konishi)

7:16 pm Men's 200m Butterfly Qualifying (Daiya Seto)

7:34 pm Women's 200m Individual Medley Qualifying (Yui Ohashi)


Shohei Ono participates in the 73 kg class for men and Tsukasa Yoshida participates in the 57 kg class for women.

Ohno won the gold medal at the previous Rio de Janeiro Games, which was his first appearance in the Olympic Games, with judo that overwhelms his opponent from an aggressive stance.

He has been overwhelming against foreign players since 2014, except for the undefeated due to injury, and aims to win the gold medal for the second consecutive tournament.

11:42 Men's 73 kg class 2nd round (Shohei Ohno)

0:18 pm Women's 57 kg class 2nd round (Tsukasa Yoshida)


0:05 pm Women's RSX class race 4 (Yuki Sunaga)

0:55 pm Women's RSX class race 5 (Yuki Sunaga)

1:45 pm Women's RSX class race 6 (Yuki Sunaga)

2:35 pm Laser radial class race 3 (Aimi Doi)

3:05 pm Men's RSX class race 4 (Shin Tomizawa)

3: pm 50 Laser Radial Class Race 4 (Aimi Doi)

3:55 pm Men's RSX Class Race 5 (Shin Tomizawa)

4:45 pm Men's RSX Class Race 6 (Shin Tomizawa)

[Weight Lifting]

1:50 pm Women's 55 kg Class Group B (Kanae Yagi)


2:00 pm Slalom Men's Canadian Single Semifinal (Takuya Haneda)


2:08 pm Men's Group Quarterfinals (Japan)


3:00 pm Men's Mountain Bike Final (Kohei Yamamoto)

[ Dive]

3:00 pm Men's Synchro High Diving Final (Kouki Ito / Kazuki Murakami)

[Table Tennis] In

the mixed doubles final, a pair of Jun Mizutani and Mima Ito will play a gold medal against a Chinese pair.

3:30 pm Women's Singles 3rd Round (Kasumi Ishikawa)

4:30 pm Men's Singles 3rd Round (Tomokazu Harimoto)

9:00 pm Mixed Doubles Final (Jun Mizutani / Mima Ito)


Gymnastics is a men's group. Japan, which passed the qualifying in 1st place, aims to win the gold medal for the second consecutive tournament.

7:00 pm Men's Group Final (Wama Kayama / Takeru Kitazono / Daiki Hashimoto / Ko Tanigawa)


7:40 pm Men's Qualifying League (Japan vs. Canada)

[Beach Valley]

8:00 pm Women's Qualifying (Miki Ishii)・ Megumi Murakami)


8:45 pm Women's Qualifying League (Japan vs. New Zealand)


9:00 pm Men's Qualifying League (Japan vs. Spain)


9:30 pm Men's Qualifying League (Japan vs. Sweden)