(Tokyo Olympics) Three-player basketball debuts in the Olympics, the Chinese team is underexposed

  China News Agency, Tokyo, July 24 (Reporter Yue Chuan) The three-person basketball event of the Tokyo Olympics kicked off on the 24th. This is the first time three-person basketball has appeared in the Olympic Games.

On that day, the Chinese three-person basketball men's and women's teams each had two games. In the end, the women's team won one win and one loss, while the men's team lost both games.

  Three-person basketball was listed as an official event of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games in 2010, and entered the Olympic Games for the first time in this Tokyo Olympic Games.

  There will be two gold medals for men's and women's in the three-player basketball event of the Tokyo Olympics, with 8 teams participating in each.

The eight teams first played in a single round robin. The top two teams went directly to the semi-finals, and the bottom two teams were eliminated.

The 4 teams ranked 3 to 6 fight each other, and the winner gets the other two semi-finals.

After the semifinals and finals, the final champion will be produced.

  The Chinese women's three-person basketball team consists of four players: Zhang Zhiting, Wan Jiyuan, Yang Shuyu, and Wang Lili. It currently ranks among the top three in the world.

In the 2019 FIBA ​​Three-player Basketball World Cup women's competition, the Chinese team won the championship with a record of 7 straight victories, which was the first world championship in Chinese basketball history.

However, due to injuries and other reasons, only Zhang Zhiting was selected for the Olympic roster in the World Cup winning lineup, and the remaining three contestants lacked experience in the competition.

  The lineup of the Chinese three-person basketball team is Hu Jinqiu, Li Haonan, Yan Peng, and Gao Shiyan. The average age is less than 24 years old. It is the youngest team in the men's three-person basketball team of the Olympic Games and currently ranks 5th in the world.

In this project, Serbia is regarded as the favorite to win.

  In the match on the 24th, the Chinese women's three-player basketball team defeated Romania 21:10 in the first match, but lost to the world's second-ranked Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) at 9:19 in the second match.

  After the game, Wang Lili said that the players did not communicate enough on the field and did not solve the problem in time. This is the main reason why the team lost to ROC.

In the game, the Chinese team did not perform well in the opening stage, which led to the spread of points.

Wang Lili said frankly that when he fell behind, the mentality of the players also changed and fell into a vicious circle.

  Yang Shuyu believes that the team did not implement the pre-match intentions on the defensive end, "especially when the opponent is actively running, we did not explain clearly when rotating defense."

  Regarding the problems exposed in the first day of the game, Yang Shuyu said that he would summarize them.

Speaking of the feeling of participating in the Olympics for the first time, she said: “I was still nervous at the beginning, and felt a little tired in the second game because the interval between the two games is relatively short and the intensity is very high.”

  On the same day, the Chinese men's three-man basketball team lost to Serbia and ROC in 13:22 and 13:21, and suffered a two-game losing streak.

The two opponents currently rank in the top two places in the world. It is reasonable for the Chinese team to lose, and the score basically reflects the gap in strength.

  Gao Shiyan said after the game that the main problem of the team was the lack of stamina after the decline in physical fitness.

"It's the first time for everyone on the team to participate in the Olympics. Certainly there are not enough places, but we will do our best to fight every game."

  Liu Zhen, the head coach of the Chinese three-man basketball team, believes that the players' attitude to fight on the court is worthy of recognition, but there are many problems on the defensive end, and the thinking in the game is not uniform.

The Chinese team is a young team. With the accumulation of experience, he believes that everyone will play better and better.

  According to the schedule, the Chinese women's three-person basketball team will play against Italy and France on the 25th, and the men's team will face Latvia and the Netherlands on the same day.