On the 24th, the second day of the tournament, at the torch stand in the coastal area of ​​Tokyo, we saw people visiting the torch that was moved from the national stadium after the opening ceremony on the 23rd.

At the opening ceremony on the 23rd, the torch that was lit by the torch stand of the National Stadium was then moved to the torch stand that was set up at the foot of "Yume no Ohashi" in Koto Ward, Tokyo.

There is a fence around the torch stand and access is restricted, but on the 24th, one night after the opening ceremony, some people came to see the torch at a glance, and I took pictures from outside the fence with a smartphone etc. rice field.

A man in his thirties who lived in the neighborhood with his three-year-old son said, "I wanted to remember my son. I got a ticket for a beach ball game, so I saw him at the nearby Shiokaze Park. I was looking forward to it, but I will watch it on TV. "

A woman in her twenties who visited with a friend from college said, "Naomi Osaka is of the same generation, so I felt that she was the last runner and was cool. I hope I can support you and feel impressed. "

A woman in her twenties, a friend of mine, said, "There are people who have different feelings about the pros and cons, but since it was held, I hope it will be a tournament that people from other countries can understand." ..

On the other hand, the Games Organizing Committee has called for refraining from viewing the torch stand on-site, saying that it is necessary to prevent crowding.

As of noon on the 24th, there was no sign of crowding, but around the torch stand, there was a voice calling for wearing a mask and keeping a distance from other people, and the volunteer staff We also called attention to visitors with new coronas and signs with measures against heat stroke.