China News Service, Beijing, July 24. In the women's 10m air rifle final of the Tokyo Olympics held on the 24th, Chinese athlete Yang Qian won the championship and won the first gold medal for the Chinese delegation.

This is also the first gold medal born in this Tokyo Olympics.

  Shooting competitions have been the place where the Olympic gold medals were produced for many years, and the women's 10-meter air rifle competition took the first gold medal.

In this event, Chinese players Du Li and Yi Siling won the 2004 and 2012 Olympic Games respectively.

  In this competition, the Chinese team played in two young players Yang Qian and Wang Luyao.

  In the first qualifying round held in the morning, Yang Qian performed well in the first two groups, hitting 104.3 rings and 105.7 rings with 10 rounds respectively.

However, in the third group, he scored several consecutive 10.1 rings, and the ranking fell to 14.

Since then, her state has improved after adjustments, and finally ranked 6th in the 628.7 ring, smoothly advancing.

Wang Luyao's performance was ups and downs, with a total score of 625.6, ranking 18th, failing to enter the top 8.

  Indian players Elevenil Valarivan (Elevenil Valarivan) and Apvi Chandra, who had a high demand for the title before the game, performed poorly and stopped the qualifying round.

  In addition, Chinese Taipei player Lin Yingxin performed mediocre and missed the promotion.

  The final was divided into two stages. In the competition stage, 8 players each played 10 rounds. In the elimination stage, each player played 2 rounds to eliminate the last player. After the 22nd round, the third place was determined, and after 24 rounds, the champion and runner-up were determined.

  Yang Qian, born in 2000, was selected to the Ningbo Sports School shooting team in 2011, under the tutelage of national coach Yu Lihua.

  Yang Qian's shooting road is excellent-won 3 gold in the 2014 Zhejiang Games, breaking the Zhejiang Province adult record;

  At the end of 2015, he was selected for the National Youth Olympic Team and won the title of National Athlete;

  At the beginning of 2016, he was specially recruited into the shooting team of Tsinghua University, and was admitted to the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University two years later;

  Won the individual championship and team runner-up with 60 rounds of women's air rifle at the 2019 National Youth Games;

  Since 2021, the national shooting team has won the championship in all four trials, ranking first with a total of 295 points, and obtained the qualifications for the individual and mixed team participation of the women's 10m air rifle in the Tokyo Olympics.