Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was disturbed by the criticism of Red Bull Racing after the British Grand Prix on Sunday.

The Austrian team thought it was inappropriate that Lewis Hamilton was celebrating extensively while Max Verstappen was still in hospital after a serious crash with the Briton.

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"Emotions ran high and that is very normal in these kinds of situations. If the roles had been reversed, we would probably have reacted largely the same," Wolff told



"What we wouldn't do is come up with personal allegations and accusations so quickly. We knew all the time - and we had heard that from Red Bull team members too - that Max was unharmed and that he was fine. We have adjusted our response."

Verstappen ended up hard in the tire stack at Copse Corner at Silverstone when he tried to fend off an attack from Hamilton on the first lap and was tapped by the Briton from Mercedes.

Hamilton was found guilty of the crash by race officials and was given a 10-second time penalty.

That didn't really bother him, because he still won the race and lost quite a few points to Verstappen in the World Cup position.


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'Both drivers are guilty'

Although Hamilton was given a time penalty, Wolff found that both drivers were guilty of the crash.

"As far as I'm concerned it was fifty-fifty," the Austrian continued.

"There are just as many reasons to point to Max as to Lewis."

Wolff also did not agree with the criticism that Hamilton did too little to avoid the accident.

"This is racing hard, a driver can keep his line and advantage. Sometimes you also have to use your elbows. Of course it was hard against hard, but that is also part of it. They are no longer small children."

World Cup leader Verstappen is still eight points ahead of number two Hamilton in the championship.

The season will continue next week with the Hungarian Grand Prix, the last race before the summer break.