Before the start of the Tokyo Olympics on the 23rd, a softball game will be held between men's soccer on the 22nd.

We will keep you updated on the daily movements such as the results of each competition and information related to the competition.

Around 11:00 am Softball America wins two consecutive games

In the softball qualifying league, the United States, which ranks first in the world, beat Canada, which ranks third in the world, 1-0, making it the second consecutive win.

In the United States, ace pitcher Monica Abbott shut out seven innings with one hit and nine strikeouts.

Canada was 1 win and 1 loss.

9 am Softball 2nd day match begins

A softball qualifying league match between the United States and Canada has begun at the prefectural Azuma Stadium in Fukushima City.

On the 22nd, the second match of the Japanese national team, the match against Mexico, is scheduled from midnight.