The uniforms of the All-Star games of Major League Baseball were put up for charity auction, and the uniforms signed by Shohei Ohtani of the Angels were sold at a high price of about 14 million yen.

Otani participated in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game held on the 13th of this month for the first time in history with dual wielding, and became a big topic and became a winning pitcher.

The Major League Baseball Organization put the uniforms and balls of this year's All-Star game on a charity auction, and on the 21st, Otani's autographed uniform was sold at a high price of 130,210 dollars, about 14 million yen in Japanese yen. It was.

The uniform has the same dark blue design as the one worn by Otani in the All-Star game, and although the number "17" has a handwritten signature, it was not actually used.

The uniform with the next highest price after Otani is about 900,000 yen for the Blue Jays Guerrero Jr. who won the MVP = Most Valuable Player, and about 700,000 yen for the Padres Tatis Jr. Otani's uniform was sold at an exceptionally high price.

In addition, the first ball, which was thrown by Scherzer of the Nationals immediately after the play ball and hit by Otani, was sold for about 2.5 million yen, showing the popularity of Otani's related goods. The result was.