The first match of the men's soccer league, Japan vs. South Africa, will be held at Tokyo Stadium in Chofu City, Tokyo from 8 pm.

The South African national team has confirmed that three players and staff have been infected with the new coronavirus, and 18 people including the players have been certified as close contacts, but the match will be held as scheduled.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the match.

Japan's first medal in 53 years Can you score points in the first match?

Japan will participate in the 11th time in 7 consecutive tournaments, aiming to win medals since the 1968 Mexico tournament.

At the last Rio de Janeiro tournament, Japan lost in the first match and ended up losing the qualifying league.

The point is to be able to score points in the first match of this tournament against South Africa.

"Japan representative starting lineup"


Akio Tani


Hiroki Sakai

Yuta Nakayama

, Hiroshi Itakura

Maya Yoshida (captain)


Kou Endo

Kubo TateEi

Miyoshi Yasushiji

Ritsu Doan

Midori Tanaka


Daichi Hayashi

18 people including South African players become close contacts

South Africa broke through the African qualifying in 3rd place and is the third appearance in two consecutive tournaments.

However, so far, a total of three people, including two athletes and one staff member, have been infected with the new corona, and 18 people, including athletes, have been certified as close contacts.

Director Notoane said at a press conference on the 20th, "It's a difficult situation mentally, but I'm going to do 100%."

"South Africa starting lineup"


Ron'wen Williams


Luke Fullers


repo Marepe (captain)

send Mukumera


Teboho Mokoena

Sabo Chere

Goodman Mosere



Evidence Mahopa

Luther Thing