Several cases were confirmed in which officials participating in the Tokyo Olympics violated the rules for preventing infection of the new corona, and the Games Organizing Committee took measures such as temporarily suspending the validity of the ID card required to participate in the Games. I found out.

The Organizing Committee has announced a policy of strengthening the patrol of observers to prevent violations.

According to the "Playbook", which stipulates the rules necessary to prevent infection for participants of the Tokyo Games, officials of the Games cannot use public transportation for 14 days after entering the country, and only the places notified in advance are allowed to go out. not.

However, it has been confirmed that there are multiple cases in which the people involved in the tournament violate the "Playbook", and the Organizing Committee has taken strict precautions and suspended the validity of the ID card required to participate in the tournament for one day. understood.

The Organizing Committee has indicated that it will strengthen measures such as security guards and Organizing Committee staff patrol the hotel, and guards touring convenience stores near the hotel to prevent inappropriate outings. I did.

In addition, if there was a case where the hotel where the tournament officials stayed was informed that they could go out freely within 15 minutes even if 14 days had not passed since they arrived in Japan, the information was collected and they went out in principle. Has indicated a policy of thoroughly disseminating information so as to refrain from doing so.

At a press conference, National Police Agency Security Bureau Tsuyoshi Iwashita of the Organizing Committee said, "We will take the criticism that the people concerned are not observing the playbook seriously and will firmly call for strict adherence to the rules."