Long-time British F1 journalist Joe Saward has a surprising view of where Valtteri Bottas ’career will continue next season.

It is generally considered possible in GP circles that Bottas, 31, will have to switch places with George Russell, 23, between Mercedes and Williams, but Saward disagrees with the figure.

Saward writes in his blog that he thinks more than possible that Bottas will end up with Alfa Romeo instead of Williams.

- The management of the team wants to replace the nominee Kimi Räikkönen, and when Finn (Rausing), one of its main owners, likes Finns, this pattern is quite possible.

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Savard also wonders whether Antonio Giovinazzi, the only Italian driver in the GP series, who is driving Räikkönen, will do the same for Alfa.

- One option for the stable is Callum Ilott, Ferrari's test driver.

That should satisfy Ferrari with the engines making Alfa.

Also in the F2 series, the Russian Robert Shwartzman, who is also Ferrari’s protector, could come into play if he is crowned second-place champion.

- With the whole factory now run by non-Italians and French at Stellantis, the nationality of the drivers doesn't matter so much to Alfa, Savard continues.

Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff has promised to help Bota find a new team place if he is not allowed to continue with Mercedes.