The 2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympics will be held in Brisbane, Australia.

Summer Games in Australia 2000 First time in 32 years since Sydney

The IOC = International Olympic Committee decides whether to officially host Brisbane, Australia, which is a candidate site for the 2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, at the second general meeting held in Tokyo on the 21st. I voted.

First, the Brisbane delegation gave a final presentation, working on sustainable management by using more than 80% of the existing facilities at the competition venue, and full financial support from the government. I appealed that there is.

Brisbane officially became the host city for the 2032 Games, with a vote of 80 IOC members attending and a majority of 72 in favor.

This will be the third Olympic Games held in Australia, following the 1956 Melbourne Games and the 2000 Sydney Games, and the second Paralympic Games.

In addition, at the general meeting, the preparation status of the Games will be reported on the Winter Olympic Games scheduled for next year in Beijing, and at the end of the year, the chairman of the Coordinating Committee, Samaranch, will be about two months before the opening of the Games. We have announced plans to hold a new test tournament inviting people concerned.

What is Brisbane

Brisbane, which will host the 2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, is the third largest city in the country in eastern Australia and has a population of approximately 2.5 million.

In addition to the world's largest coral reef zone, "Great Barrier Reef," which is registered as a World Heritage Site, there are also the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, which are known as resort areas, and the tourism industry is thriving.

In Australia, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, foreigners have been banned from entering the country since March last year, and the tourism industry has been hit hard. Expectations are rising that we want to connect to.

Brisbane is one hour ahead of Japan, and from July to September, when the tournament is expected to be held, Australia in the Southern Hemisphere is in winter to spring, and Brisbane's average average temperature is in the low 20s. ..

According to the local state government, competition venues, the Olympic Village and other competition-related facilities will be built on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, as well as in Brisbane.

Chairman Hashimoto "Legacy will be taken over"

Hashimoto, chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Games, said, "The sports world faced the difficulty of the new coronavirus, but I feel that the Olympic Movement has made steady progress and has reached the decision of the Brisbane Games for the first time in history. The postponed Tokyo Games will be a competition that will challenge various issues, but I am confident that the Olympic Movement will be taken over and developed along with the Legacy. "