Valtteri Bottas drove to third place in the third place in Silverstone, UK.

Bottas' weekend was a good example of work: in time, he had to break the wind as the first car in the whole group, but was only less than 0.2 seconds behind the top time.

Teammate Lewis Hamilton took the first box to Saturday’s sprint with suction, but Max Verstappen took the pole position in the race.

In Sunday’s sprint, Hamilton received a ten-second time penalty for his collision with Verstappen.

Hamilton was dropped behind Bottas due to a time penalty during depot visits.

At the end of the race, however, Bottas let Hamilton pass with a team order.

At the same time, he helped Hamilton towards victory: the British overtook Charles Leclerc, who was still in the lead.

Ilta-Sanomat asked Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff how he describes Bottas' performance this weekend.

Wolff noted that Bottas could very well have been on the pile if he, too, had received suction assistance in time.

- Valtteri was really fast today and drove a solid race.

Lewis came from behind with hard tires and was just a different class than everyone else.

Valtteri was the second fastest and helped Lewis.

He’s a great team member with the right kind of personality, Wolff told IS.

Wolff and Bottas have a long history together, as the Austrian worked with Didier Coton and Mika Häkkinen in Bottas' management team before transferring the Finn to Mersu.

Transfer rumors have taken Mersu’s junior talent George Russell to Bottas ’place next season as Hamilton’s teammate.

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You have a long history.

Are you going to help Bota find a new stable if he doesn’t continue on Mercedes?

- If there is a situation where we want to give someone else a chance, it is not just my relationship with him (Bottas).

It is my duty to have a great future because he deserves it, Wolff outlined.

- He has been a teammate of the best F1 driver in history, and it is not always easy to shine in it.

But he has been fantastic.