The UK’s F1 race at Silverstone got off to a wild start when Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, who is leading the World Championship, drove hard.

Verstappen tried to defend his top spot against Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, and the cars hit together.

For example, according to C Moren F1 expert Mika Salo, the fault was Verstappen.

However, he acknowledged the incident as part of a race.

Hamilton eventually received a 10-second time penalty for the situation.

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Less surprisingly, the bosses of the drivers involved, Red Bull team manager Christian Horner and Mercedes Toto Wolff, disagreed on which was wrong.

They were heard on F1 to defend their drivers strongly against race director Michael Mas.

In Wolff's case, defending his own driver reached even somewhat comical standards.

Wolff and Mas's brief radio call conversation was amusing:

- Michael, Toto here.

Michael, I just sent you an email with a chart of where the car should be.

Did you get it?

Wolff asked.

Masi rudely acknowledged Wolff's query.

- Toto, I intentionally don’t read my emails during the race because I focus on the race.

Wolff did not disclose:

- Well maybe you should look at it because it has something to do with the rules, the team manager said.

- You can go upstairs to meet the judges, Masi replied.

Verstappen was not injured in the fierce run-out, but had to suspend the race.

The competition was suspended for a long time, but was able to continue.