On the 14th day of the Grand Sumo Tournament in Nagoya, Terunofuji Ozeki defended all the wins and made great strides toward promotion to Yokozuna after the place.

The refereeing department of the Japan Sumo Association announced on the 18th that it will exchange opinions on the promotion of Terunofuji's yokozuna.

Terunofuji won the first victory as Ozeki in the previous place, and the current place of Tsunatori also has a strong sumo wrestling, and after the 14th day, he defends all the wins and competes with Yokozuna and Hakuho for the victory.

In a direct confrontation with Chiakiraku and Hakuho on the 18th, if Terunofuji wins, Ozeki will win two places in a row, and the promotion to Yokozuna will be certain.

Mr. Fujishima, the referee of the Japan Sumo Association, who served as the referee in the latter half of the Makuuchi on the 17th, said about Terunofuji, "I have won three times in the past year. It was revealed that they would exchange opinions.

For promotion, the Yokozuna Deliberation Committee has a by-law of "winning two places in a row at Ozeki or equivalent results" as a condition recommended by the Yokozuna Deliberation Committee. The runner-up score has been decided. It's good to win the championship, but the results are sufficient, "he said, showing that he met the conditions for promotion to Yokozuna.

The promotion of yokozuna will be officially decided by the Sumo Association's Banzuke Committee and the extraordinary board of directors after receiving the recommendation of the Yokozuna Deliberation Committee, which deliberates whether or not the yokozuna is suitable for its ability and dignity.

Mr. Hachikaku "It's fine and the content is good" is highly evaluated

Terunofuji Ozeki, who won 14 consecutive victories at the place of Tsunatori from the first day, was highly evaluated by the President of the Japan Sumo Association, "It's fine. The content is good."

Regarding the first thing on the 17th, when he leaned over Takayasu Sekiwake, he said, "I was patient and did not break my forward lean. I am solid. I can get good because I am pushing in. I did not chase deeply."

On the other hand, regarding Yokozuna Hakuho's first connection with Shodai and partitioning away from the ground, he said, "Usually, a surprise attack is something that the weaker one does. I think he wanted to win, but he has won so many times. The yokozuna is not allowed to do that. "

Regarding the direct confrontation between Hakuho and Terunofuji at Chiakiraku on the 18th, "Hakuho is fast, so he will be good at it immediately. Terunofuji is the best sumo wrestler. I have to go out to. "